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2016 Concerts

Admission is free to all concerts.  Maps & Directions.

Brubeck Institute Jazz Camp

June 13, 7pm, Faculty Jam Session

June 17, 7pm, Student Jazz Combos

June 18, 1:30pm, Student Jazz Ensembles

Junior Band & Orchestra Camp

July 11, 7pm, Faculty Recital

July 12, 7pm, Student Honors Recital

July 14, 7pm, Student Chamber Ensembles

July 15, 7pm, Junior Jazz Ensemble

July 16, 1:30pm, Junior Band and Orchestra

Senior Band, Orchestra & Choir Camp

July 18, 7:30pm, Faculty Recital

July 19, 7:30pm, Student Honors Recital

July 21, 7:30pm, Student Chamber Ensembles

July 22, 7pm, Senior Jazz Ensembles and Jazz Choir

July 23, 1:30pm, Senior Band, Orchestra and Chamber Choir

Senior Piano Camp

July 23, 10am, Student Piano Recital - Recital Hall*

*The Recital Hall is located directly behind the Faye Spanos Concert Hall.

Pacific  Music Business Camp

June 18, 11am, Student presentations - Recital Hall