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2014 Jazz Camp Faculty


Steve Perdicaris, Director
Danika Klebe, Office Assistant
James Gonzales, Stage and Technical Director


Patrick Langham, Jazz Ensemble and Combo Director
Dyne Eifertsen, Jazz Ensemble Director
Greg Christiansen, Jazz Ensemble and Combo Director
Simon Rowe, Jazz Combo Director

Master Class Faculty

Greg Christiansen, trumpet
Dyne Eifertsen, trombone
Patrick Langham, saxophone
Brendon Lowe, piano
Gerry Pineda, bass
Brian Kendrick, drum set
Nick Fryer, guitar


Dyne Eifertsen, Jazz History
Patrick Langham, Advanced Theory/Improvisation
Brian Leff, Beginning Theory/Improvisation
Bonnie Schiada, Beginning Theory/Improvisation
Jay Maddox, Beginning Theory/Improvisation
Ross Bronzan, Beginning Theory/Improvisation

Dorm Counselors

Jay Maddox, Head Male Counselor
Jesse Sanchez, Male Counselor
Brian Leff, Male Counselor
Ross Bronzan, Male Counselor
Bonnie Maddox, Female Counselor


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