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2013 Junior Camp Faculty


Steve Perdicaris, director
Sheldon Schlesinger, operations manager
Kim Sakata, office manager
James Gonzales, stage and technical director
Veronica Tonus and Katie Tanner, librarians


Stephanie Sugano, concert band director 
Greg Brucker, orchestra director
Stephanie Sugano and Jay Maddox, jazz ensembles
Susanna Peeples, all-camp chorus
Margaret Perry, piano accompanist

Dorm Counselors (male)

Shane Kalbach, viola, head male counselor
Sheldon Schlesinger, bass, music history and music careers instructor
Nathan Davidson, percussion, percussion ensemble director
George Pascoe, saxophone, sax ensemble director
Jay Maddox, trombone/horn, jazz ensemble director

Dorm Counselors (male)

Molly Hazelwood, euphonium/brass ensemble, head female counselor
Katie Tanner , percussion, music history instructor
Lindsay Enoki, trumpet
Bonnie Maddox, trombone, beginning music theory instructor
Veronica Tonus, flute, librarian



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