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Music Management

Music Management study at the Conservatory of Music provides students with the opportunity to develop relevant industry experience while completing their degree.  Students are required to take at least one internship for credit. Due to the intensity of the experience, many internships occur during the summer when the necessary time and focus can be devoted to learning from the music industry host firm.

The Department of Music Management actively cultivates relationships with a wide variety of organizations in the music industry interested in providing summer internships.  Locations vary throughout the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.  Utilizing the University's industry contacts, students select an area of interest and pursue internships at some of the most well-know, respected, and cutting edge organizations in music including instrument manufacturers, leading symphony orchestras and opera companies, alternative clubs and record labels, festivals, recording studios and management companies.  Each year eight to ten students are advised and assisted in securing relevant internships.  Contact is maintained with a faculty advisor throughout helping to insure that each student's learning objectives are met.  Take a moment to view a list of industry firms that have hosted internships.

Through our network of alumni and faculty, students not only gain experience, but also begin to develop their own professional connections, crucial to identifying job opportunities upon graduation.  Interns who make an impression will have a foot in the door when looking for work in the real world.

The reputation of Pacific's interns has led to the enviable position of having more interested employers than we have students available to fill.  Across the University, students are encouraged to gain valuable experience off campus.  According to a survey of 2002 Pacific graduates, 90 percent reported that their participation in experiential learning allowed them to be more competitive for jobs and as graduate school candidates. For many alumni of the Music Management internship program, the importance is even greater, citing their internship experience as "the most valuable class I took".

Extracurricular Work

In addition to music management internships, students have shorter field visits with employers and industry professionals as well as opportunities to visit with Alumni on campus.  Also, the Pacific Music Management Club produces a music-business symposium each year focusing on such topics as the Indie label business, jam bands, sustainable business models for digital music distribution, and entrepreneurship in the music industry.

Experience and connections are essential to a successful music industry career, and Pacific's music management internship program provides the key to opening doors.