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Taurin Barrera

Taurin Barrera holds a Master of Fine Arts, in Electronic Music and Recorded Media from Mills College and a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in Philosophy, Hispanic Studies from The College of William and Mary. Taurin's coursework included Electroacoustic Music, Composition, Improvisation, Audio Recording and Production, Film Scoring, Music Theory, Art History, 20th Century Aesthetic Theory, and Urban Studies. Taurin teaches Music Technology at University of the Pacific.

 With an emphasis on interactivity, Barrera's work explores the connections between technology and perception. Barrera incorporates elements of creative computation, computer vision, noise and chance, and computer music techniques to program audio-visual instruments and environments.  Barrera uses emerging technologies to augment sensory experience of sound and visual art, to compose sounds and music you can see, and images you can hear. As an instructor Taurin has delivered workshops, lectures, and courses pertaining to the electronic arts in New York City, Mexico City, and Beijing.