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Division of Marketing and Communications

Working with the Eberhardt School's Division of Marketing and Communications

When an academic program, administrative area, center, institute, or student professional organization associated with the Eberhardt School of Business needs to produce or distribute informational or promotional materials, the School’s Division of Marketing and Communications may provide complete design capabilities, production services, and distribution assistance. Depending on the scale of the project, some materials may be produced in conjunction with University of the Pacific’s or other outside services. To get started, please complete and submit a project request form using the links below.

Marketing & Communications Request Forms:

  • Print Collateral Request Form - this form is for the design and production of brochures, viewbooks, postcards, newsletters, prints ads, fact sheets, folders, insert sheets, etc.
  • Multimedia Request Form - this form is for the electronic promotion of events, program announcements, etc. through email distribution and social media promotion for both internal and external audiences, as well as for web content changes/additions, monitor displays, special presentations, and other multimedia requests.
  • Event Collateral Request Form - this form is for printed and electronic materials associated with an Eberhardt School event. Examples include invitations, event programs, event signage (posters, table cards, banners, etc.), monitor displays, e-blasts, social media promotion, etc.

Once reviewed and approved, projects will be assigned in the order that they are received. The marketing team will work to complete the project by the requested date; however, adjustments may need to be made depending on the scope of the project and the current workload in the marketing office. Materials that are incomplete, late, or in need of drastic revisions after the process has begun will adversely delay the production of the publication and jeopardize the original delivery date.

Graphic Identity Usage Guidelines:
Pacific has identity standards that set the colors, fonts and styles of all marketing materials created by Pacific's many schools and divisions. The purpose of having guidelines is to make sure all materials have a clean, consistent look that lets the receiver know that it came from Pacific. You can see the full set of guidelines by downloading the Identity Standards Manual. Graphics including University seals, wordmarks and school lockups can be downloaded from this site. Additionally, the Eberhardt School has developed and implemented its own school-specific style guide that should be followed in all communications – it can be downloaded here.