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Peace Corps/MBA FAQ

Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps

Do I need to apply and be accepted into both the Eberhardt MBA program and the Peace Corps separately?

Yes. Acceptance into the Eberhardt MBA program does not ensure acceptance into the Peace Corps Master's International (PCMI) Program. A PCMI candidate should begin the MBA program if accepted, and will be enrolled as a Peace Corps MBA candidate. The actual application process to the Peace Corps should be started no earlier than one year prior to your desired departure date. The Peace Corps application involves several stages and many clearances. The Peace Corps should be notified that you have enrolled as a Peace Corps MBA cooperative program student at the University of the Pacific. You should work with your academic advisor at Pacific to determine your departure date. Although this advisor is available to work with you and the Peace Corps throughout the process, it is ultimately your responsibility to follow through with the application to the Peace Corps.

Are there any benefits to becoming a PCMI at Pacific?

The Eberhardt School of Business offers Peace Corps MBA candidates with a Graduate Assistantship which may cover up to 1/3 to 1/2 of your tuition depending on your competitiveness in the accepted applicant pool. The Peace Corps also offers a transition stipend (currently $7,425) upon completion of a student's 27 months Peace Corps service. The Eberhardt School also requires a summer internship from all MBA students. Your Peace Corps service will satisfy this internship requirement and provide a unique, invaluable hands-on experience which will set you apart from other graduates and prepare you for a rewarding career. Additionally, credit for independent field study during your volunteer service will also be coordinated through the School and completed during your final semester of coursework.

What if I am not accepted in the Peace Corps, or unforeseeable events prevent me from becoming a volunteer?

There are no consequences for not completing a Peace Corps service. As the application to each program is handled separately, enrolled MBA students are first and foremost Eberhardt students. Should the PCMI program not work out for you, you may continue with the MBA program as a regular full-time MBA student.

Do I have to complete the two-year Peace Corps service, or can I shorten my Peace Corps service to graduate earlier?

The Peace Corps requires a two-year commitment from all volunteers, including PCMI volunteers.

What type of projects do PCMI students complete?

The variety of positions and projects available is too vast to generalize the responsibilities and duties of an MBA Master's International student. The Peace Corps will assign you to a location and position that is determined by your skill sets and the timing of current volunteers completing their service. Please contact the MBA Program Office if you would like some specific examples of the business development, education and community projects that have been completed by some of our past Pacific Peace Corps/MBA students.