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Part-Time Flexible MBA

Ready to start the MBA? Check the Admission Requirements page for dates and details!

The Eberhardt School offers a pathway for working professionals who wish to complete the Eberhardt MBA Program on a part-time basis. The Part-time Eberhardt MBA pathway is designed to provide maximum flexibility for working professionals like yourself. While it is designed to allow you to complete the program as quickly as possible, you may now vary the number of courses and credits you take each semester depending on your personal and professional circumstances. If you follow the designed part-time pathway you will typically complete six credits (2 or 3 courses) during each fall and spring semester and 3 credits (1 additional course) each summer. This model allows you to complete the MBA in just over 3 years, but your schedule can be customized if you need additional time to complete the degree. Most courses will meet one or two evenings a week typically in the 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. time block.