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Instructions for Pharmacy Applicants

The University of the Pacific Eberhardt MBA Program is pleased to announce our new procedures for Pharmacy Centralized Application System (PharmCAS)* applicants.

If you have applied to the University of the Pacific Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program, you already realize the benefits of a single, web-based application. The benefits of using PharmCAS which include:

  • Decreasing your time and cost of applying to multiple programs
  • Reduces or eliminates duplicate application data and transcripts
  • Applicants can close and reopen their application at any time, and take as many sessions as necessary to complete it
  • Enables you to check your application status and progress within the system, from anywhere you have internet access
  • Enables one-time payment for all applications via a secure e-commerce system

Please read and follow these basic steps to complete the application process in a timely manner:

STEP 1: Complete your PharmCAS and Pacific Pharmacy supplemental applications and submit all supporting documents such as transcripts and recommendations as required.

STEP 2: After completing all Pharmacy applications, your next step is to complete the Eberhardt MBA application. This supplemental MBA application will include required personal statement and a resume upload. Recommendations are not required but may strengthen your candidacy. GMAT** scores should be sent to the University of the Pacific. Details on preparing for and registering for this required test can be found at MBA.com.

The deadlines for the Early Advantage MBA application are January 15 (Round 1), March 1 (Round 2) and June 1 (Round 3). Applicants are encouraged to adhere to these deadlines for priority consideration of Eberhardt School merit-based financial assistance resources but applications will be accepted from PharmCAS applicants until the cohort is full. The fee for this MBA Application will be waived for PharmCAS applicants. Be sure to note that you are a "PharmCAS Applicant" in your MBA application fee waiver request. Please also be sure to return to your MBA application and complete the additional verification steps after receiving your application fee waiver.

STEP 3: Submit your Eberhardt MBA application. Once it is submitted, we will pull all of the documents from your PharmCAS application and notify you if any additional information is required. You also can use the University of the Pacific Graduate Application Status Checker if you wish to track your Eberhardt MBA application status yourself.

Please contact the MBA Program Office for more details on the Eberhardt MBA, MBA Healthcare Management Track or MBA Cost and Financial Aid.

Please Note:

*This application procedure also applies to Pacific Pre-pharmacy students who will complete an advancement application instead of a PharmCAS application.

** Either GMAT or GRE will be accepted and reviewed for Pharmacy applicants. Please contact the MBA Office if you have any questions.