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MBA and MAcc Cost & Financial Aid

The annual expenses for a student in a graduate program at University of the Pacific will depend on a variety of factors. This listing of the current 2015-2016 tuition, fee and expense structure will provide a guide for estimating expenses for your desired program. Full-time students should note all applicants will be considered for merit-based financial assistance upon acceptance into the Eberhardt Full-time Programs. This includes a number of Pacific and external sources including WRGP for Healthcare Managemnt applicants from participating Western states through a reciprocity agreement with WICHE.

In addition, applicants for all programs should review the Office of Financial Aid pages to learn more about federal financial assistance options and application procedures.


$1,325* | Tuition per unit


$120 | Wellness Center Fee
$100 | ASUOP Student Fee (Required for on-campus residents)
$40 | Activity & Recreation Fee (Required for all students taking 9 units or more)


$6,429** | On-campus living expense
$2,000** | Books and personal expenses
$3,000** | International travel expenses for MBA Global Business Competition course (Full-time MBA Programs only)

* The Early Advantage MBA Program consists of 51 semester units. Estimated total tuition and fees expense is approximately $65,250. The 9-month MAcc Program is a total of 30 units. Estimated total tuition and fees expense for the MAcc is $43,000.

**Amounts for expenses are estimates only. All cost figures and estimates are in U.S. dollars. The University of the Pacific reserves the right to modify its charges as necessary without prior notice.