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Merit-Based Financial Aid for Full-Time Graduate Business Students

Typically, about 50% of incoming Eberhardt graduate business students receive some level of merit-based financial assistance. All merit-based awards are made on a rolling basis upon acceptance. Applicants who apply and are admitted early have a better opportunity to secure scholarships and/or graduate assistantships. Scholarship awards usually range from $2,000-$6,000 and a graduate assistantship assignment can provide up to one-half tuition discount. Additional Eberhardt scholarships are available after completion of a semester in a full-time graduate business program.

You may spend a great deal of time looking at MBA and MAcc programs and planning your finances. Here are some points to consider as you search for the best education at the best value:

  • Fast-track your education with accelerated, full-time Eberhardt graduate programs
  • Student-centered education and service puts your needs at the core of everything we do
  • Travel overseas to gain global business perspectives in the MBA program
  • Gain hands-on experience through strategic internships
  • Get real-world investing experience with the multimillion-dollar Student Investment Fund
  • Jump-start your career with personalized Eberhardt Career Management services
  • Take your education one step further with dual-degree programs in Pharmacy and Law

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistants work a specified number of hours with faculty members on research and teaching support projects or graduate business programs support. The standard graduate assistantship award is for one-third tuition remission. Applicants with GMAT scores above 600 and an upper-division GPA of 3.25 or above are eligible for an award of up to one-half tuition as an Eberhardt Scholars recipient.

Student Loans
Loan funds are available for qualified graduate students from either the Federal Direct Stafford, Grad PLUS or Private (Alternative) Loan programs. Please review the Loan Basics for Graduate/Professional Students available on Pacific's Loan Information for Students and Parents.

For more information regarding MBA loans and the MBA financial aid process, please visit Financing Your Degree on the website. For additional assistance, the Financial Aid office at University of the Pacific can be reached at 209.946.2421 or

Pacific participates in the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) for those considering full-time MBA in Healthcare Management programs coming from WICHE states.  These applicants should be sure to identify themselves as a WICHE WRGP applicant. At least a 30% tuition discount will be offered to a limited number of recipients from WICHE states through this WRGP agreement.

In addition, MAcc students should review AICPA scholarships for non-Accounting bachelor's degree holders and other specialized opportunities.

The following endowed scholarships are available to all incoming graduate business students:

  • Edward M. Nagel Foundation Memorial Scholarship 

    The Edward M. Nagel Foundation Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate meritorious effort in their undergraduate studies. Students must have earned a 3.0 overall GPA or better in their undergraduate coursework and must maintain a 3.0 in the Eberhardt MBA program to retain the award.

  • Credit Bureau of San Joaquin County Endowed Scholarship 

    The Credit Bureau of San Joaquin Scholarship is awarded based on the demonstration of meritorious effort at the undergraduate level. Applicants must be residents of San Joaquin County prior to application to be considered.

  • Robert E. Ferguson MBA Endowed Scholarship 

    The Robert E. Ferguson scholarship is awarded based on the demonstration of leadership attributes such as vision, courage, discipline, initiative, integrity, and confidence. Preference is given to students with an interest in Agribusiness. Applicants must be a Pacific graduate and be from the state of California.

  • Josef Kaeslin Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

    The Josef Kaeslin Memorial Scholarship is awarded based on the demonstration of leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. The candidate must be energetic, ambitious, enthusiastic, enterprising, and self-starting. This scholarship is awarded to an Eberhardt School alumnus with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Marian & George Malloy Endowed MBA Scholarship 

    The Marian & George Malloy MBA Scholarship is awarded to students based on academic eligibility and the recommendation of the MBA Admissions Committee.