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Margaret Roberts
Career Management Center
Eberhardt School of Business
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Internship Guide for MBA Students

A required internship experience for all full-time, matriculated MBA students in the Eberhardt MBA program allows students:

  • An opportunity to apply theories, concepts and skills learned in the MBA program
  • To gain an understanding of the administrative elements and day-to-day functioning of an organization while completing assigned tasks;
  • To strengthen judgment, decisiveness and team skills;
  • To assess potential in the work environment and possible areas needing development for successful career growth

Internship Requirements
Students are required to generate valuable learning from the experience.

  • Minimum of 20 hours per week at internship site.
  • Regular interaction with senior and/or executive management.
  • Completion of at least one comprehensive project within eight week internship time frame.
  • Internship Agreement - a comprehensive internship position scope of work including learning objectives.

Securing Your Internship
Work with the Eberhardt Career Management Center to identify potential sites in your geographic and industry areas of preference to pursue. (Begin this no later than start of spring semester.)

Contact potential internship sites and hiring managers to present qualifications for consideration.

Make time for interviews with potential internship host employers during the spring semester. You will be expected to secure your site BEFORE attending the international course abroad.

Once you have secured an internship offer, complete the following steps:

  1. Report your internship selection to Career Management Center staff.
  2. Provide CMC staff with a copy of your signed offer letter.
  3. Meet with CMC staff to discuss learning objectives to be approved by internship site supervisor.
  4. Draft Internship Agreement and gather necessary signatures.
    • The Internship Agreement should include:
      1. A detailed statement of the scope of work you will be performing.
      2. Learning objectives you will accomplish during your internship.
      3. Schedule of regular interaction you will have with the CMC staff throughout the internship period.
  5. Submit completed/signed Internship Agreement is submitted to the Director Graduate Career Services.
  6. If feasible (based on geographic location) schedule a site visit at the site for CMC Director to meet with your supervisor between weeks four to eight of your internship.
  7. At the completion of the internship, submit the Student Internship Questionnaire as well as the Student Internship Evaluation.
  8. Request your internship site supervisor complete and submit the Employer Student Intern Evaluation.