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800.952.3179 or 209.946.2629
Christopher Lozano
Director of Student Recruitment
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Weber Hall Suite 206
Stockton, California 95211

Chris Lozano

Director of Student Recruitment 

EDUCATION: BA in Sociology and an MBA from University of the Pacific

PAST EXPERIENCES: Over four years combined admissions experience as Co-Coordinator of Minority Admissions; Assistant Coordinator of Pharmacy Admissions; and Coordinator of Pharmacy Admissions at University of the Pacific

CURRENT ROLE/RESPONSIBLITIES: Responsible for developing and implementing strategies for MBA recruitment, admissions and yield enhancement, as well as, school representation and yield enhancement for Undergraduate business school applicants.

Staff Spotlight: Chris Lozano

Featured in the Spring 2009 issue of Strictly Business magazine:

Christopher Lozano COP '89, MBA '01, has served as a vital member of Pacific's staff for almost two decades. Lozano's career debuted in 1989 as an admissions counselor in the Pacific admissions office. As his friendliness, concern for students and hard work became apparent, Chris was rewarded with promotions to coordinator of minority admissions and assistant coordinator of pharmacy admissions. Lozano also spent several years as an assistant director and coordinator of pharmacy admissions. In 1997, he packed up his boxes and moved all the way from Knoles Hall to Weber Hall (almost 50 yards). Once there, he began a new focus on recruitment and admissions counseling as the director of student recruitment for the Eberhardt School of Business.

Shortly after his transition to the Eberhardt School, Lozano began working on his MBA. He spent five years taking graduate courses parttime in the evenings and working full-time plus during the days. It wasn't long before Lozano realized his foundation in the natural sciences, social sciences and business had made him not only a better manager, but also a better advisor to prospective business freshmen, transfer and graduate management students.

"I tend to look at the interplay of individuals and teams from a sociological perspective, which provides an understanding of the complexities of how work gets done," said Lozano. "It also provides a level of sympathy and understanding for individuals that are the key to an organization's level of success in turning core strategies into successful implementation."

For Lozano, the MBA has provided the body of knowledge and skills to identify issues, think strategically and generate solutions to problems. Lozano believes this provides a level of confidence to know he can get the job done even against major obstacles (or an economic recession).

Beyond his academic and professional life, Lozano defines himself as a family man. When Lozano and his wife Pam were married at Morris Chapel on the picturesque grounds of the university, he felt that his history with Pacific would now be forever intertwined with his family life. He recalls, "I can remember walking around the campus taking pictures in our wedding attire, and a flood of memories would rush in at each photographic venue."

Another fond memory includes the work he did in his senior undergraduate year with one of his professors, Dr. Roy Childs, to launch a Labor Market Intermediary study. At that time, Lozano contemplated the pursuit of a PhD in Sociology at UCLA. While he strongly considered this opportunity to earn a doctorate on a full-ride scholarship, Lozano kept his faithful commitment to the orange and black instead of sporting the Bruin's blue and gold.

While he hasn't painted himself orange at Tiger basketball games - yet, Lozano is still one of the biggest fans of Pacific basketball. As a noontime ‘baller' himself, Lozano loves the sport and commented on how exciting it is when Pacific does well, "The NCAA appearances were the best, especially seeing my hometown Tigers whip up on the big boys (or at least the Big East)."

Lozano's passion for basketball is only exceeded by his passion for his work at the Eberhardt School. This rings loud and clear to the individuals he meets all over the world on his lengthy travels to find the next Eberhardt undergraduate class and MBA cohort. His competitive nature assists him greatly in this role - searching for just the right mix of people to make the most out of the Eberhardt educational experience.

Lozano reports that the best part about his job is getting to work with and counsel students through the challenges of pursuing a business education. "I have had many opportunities to motivate and help students who needed good advice and direction to achieve their goals," said Lozano who is confident that the Eberhardt School goes above and beyond to make dreams come alive for students.

"The Eberhardt faculty and staff know that a great business education is more than just teaching business skills. It is really about learning to work with others to make a business succeed and achieve your personal goals no matter what the economic conditions."