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Laurie Lichter-Heath, J.D., LL.M.

Laurie Lichter-Heath2008, Lecturer, Business Law LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center 1979; J.D., The John Marshall Law School 1975; B.S., University of Tennessee 1972.

Expertise: Labor Law; Business Ethics; Commercial Law

Laurie Lichter-Heath has her LL.M. from Georgetown University Law Center, her J.D. from The John Marshall Law School, and is licensed to practice law in four jurisdictions. Laurie has been involved in both the academic and legal environments and is currently a Professor at the Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific. Through the years, Laurie has taught a variety of courses including: Legal & Ethical Environment of Business; International Commercial Law; Law and Taxation; Personal Law; Commercial Transactions; Business, Government & Society; and Real Estate Law. She has been a seminar lecturer in employment law, business ethics, and how to start a business /business organizations. She has published articles on discrimination in the workplace, environmental matters, ethics, and presented at regional and national conferences. Laurie is a co-author/contributor to the book, Labor Management Relations in a Changing Environment.

Prior to her academic career and upon graduation from law school, Laurie clerked for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. She subsequently was an attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission -Enforcement Division both investigating and enforcing the law. Laurie has been legal counsel for large corporate entities, private law firms, and consulting firms. She has taught law and law related courses for over 20 years at various institutions of higher learning including New York University School of Continuing Education in Law and Taxation, the University of the Pacific and the University of San Diego. Prior to moving to San Diego, Laurie was a tenured Associate Professor in the Eberhardt School of Business. The University of the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business Graduating Class of 1991 awarded Laurie the Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Teaching. She continues to assist small businesses in resolving matters without litigation.