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Since opening in 1923, the Benerd School of Education has offered quality training for teachers of all levels and skills. Whether you are a recent high-school graduate or an adult who is looking for a career change, The Benerd School of Education has a program for you. Benerd offers a traditional college environment as well as classes designed for those who are working full-time and are exploring their options in life.

At the undergraduate level, programs are offered to prepare classroom teachers and special educators. At the graduate level, programs are offered to prepare instructional specialists, school psychologists, supervisors, principals, superintendents, central office personnel, and leaders in higher education, non-profit, and other organizations. Whether you wish to get a teaching credential, get a master's that specializes in a specific area, or want to become a school psychologist or top-level administrator, Benerd has choices for you.

Benerd's goals are to prepare competent personnel for service in public and private pre-elementary, elementary,secondary, and post-secondary schools; to provide programs for the in service growth of experienced school personnel, so that they may update and upgrade their understanding, knowledge, and skills in a rapidly changing educational enterprise; to provide educational leadership in cooperation with all those agencies engaged in and interested in schools; and to engage in and promote research leading to better public education.

We are a small, comprehensive, independent School of Education:

  • With a rich history - more than 80 years as a School of Education in California's first chartered college or university (Pacific was chartered in 1851)

  • With a faculty that takes our mission very seriously - to prepare and nurture thoughtful, reflective, caring, and collaborative teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and other school professionals

  • With a faculty that lives its six core values - scholarship, integrity and ethical conduct, diversity, social and community responsibility, collegiality, and teaching and learning

  • Which is fully accredited by both the Commission on Teacher Credentialing  ( CTC) and The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
    ( NCATE)
  • Pacific has been NCATE-accredited for over 50 years, and it was the first institution of higher education in California to be NCATE-accredited through the doctoral level.

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Graduate Student Stories

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Graduate Student Stories