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Links to State of California Testing Information

All CTC required exam preparation, tutorial & registration information can be found at: www.ctcexams.nesinc.com
Additional free test preparation information can be found at: www.teacherstestprep.com

Links to Credential & CA Education Information
California Credentialing Commission (CTC):  www.ctc.ca.gov
CTC Multi-Subject (MS) Credential Info: www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl561c.pdf
CTC Single Subject (SS) Credential Info: www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl560c.pdf
CTC Special Education Credential Information: www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl808c.pdf
CTC Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential: www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl606c.pdf
CTC Administrative Services Credential Info: www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl574c.pdf
California Department of Education: www.cde.ca.gov
TEACH California: www.teachcalifornia.org 


Interested in teaching out of state?  Check these links

USC Rossier School of Education

Credential Office Hot Topics

1.      When registering for classes what does MS or SS stand for in the class listing?
            MS = Multiple Subject
            SS = Single Subject
(When registering for classes please enroll in the section appropriate to the credential you are pursuing.)
2.       What are the requirements for fieldwork?
                 a.      Submit a completed copy of the Volunteer Live Scan form to the credential office
                 b.      Submit a copy of negative TB test not more than 4 years old to the credential office
3.       How do I enroll in Task Stream?
                a.      Please see "Instructions for creating a Task Stream Account" under Credential Office Information Resources
4.       Is there a fee to open a credential file?
                a.      Yes.  A fee of $30 is required and payable by exact cash or check.
5.      I read that basic skills and subject matter requirements must be met to earn a CA credential.  What does this mean?
                a.      The CBEST or CSET writing skills exams are required of anyone who is pursuing a teaching credential. California Education Code
                          Sections 44252 and 44252.6 specify that candidates must demonstrate, in English, proficiency in basic reading,
                          writing, and mathematics skills.
                b.      The State of California requires that anyone pursuing a Multiple Subject, Single Subject Teaching Credential or a
                         Preliminary Education Specialist Credential, verify subject matter competence as a part of their teaching qualifications.
                         This means that you have to prove to the state that you know the subject area that you will be teaching. You can meet
                         subject matter competence by taking the appropriate CSET exam.  Candidates in the music program only demonstrate
                         subject matter through their program and do not take the single subject CSET test.
6.       What are the requirements for student teaching?
          • Credential file must be opened
          • Fieldwork must be completed
          • Advancement to Candidacy requirements completed and notification of acceptance to the Teacher Education Credential Program.
          • A minimum GPA of 2.0 in professional coursework and an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 must be maintained
          • STAR review must be completed and all requirements must be signed off the semester prior to student teaching
          • Basic Skills and Subject Matter requirements must be met
                 a.      For Multiple Subject (MS) Candidates & Education Specialist Candidates:
                           i.      Passing CBEST score
                           ii.      Passing CSET Multi-subject score
                 b.      For Single Subject Candidates
                           i.      Passing CBEST score
                           ii.      Passing CSET subject matter score
                 c.       For Single Subject Music Candidates
                           i.      Passing CBEST score
                           ii.      Completed subject matter profile
          • A copy of the official score sheet from each of the tests must be on file with the Credential Office
7.       What is the process for applying for a preliminary credential?
                 a.      Successful completion of coursework
                 b.      Completion and passing of PACT
                 c.       For Multi-Subject & Ed Specialist Credentials
                           i.      Passing RICA score
                 d.      Completion of Adult & Infant & Child (Pediatric) CPR
                 e.      Completion of TPE's and final teaching interview
                 f.       Financially clear with the university
                 g.      Degree Posted
8.      Is the credential I earn No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and CLAD compliant?
                 a.      Yes, since 2004 the credential earned, either MS, SS or Ed Specialist is an SB 2042 Preliminary Credential
                          is NCLB through passage of the CSET exam and has English Learner authorization built into the program.