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It's never too late to begin the career that's right for you.


We created the Evening Degree for Education Professionals Program (or "EdPro2") for paraeducators, teachers' assistants, early childhood providers and others who've worked in schools but haven't had the opportunity to earn the degree and credentials required to start their teaching careers. EdPro2 is an accelerated, evening program that fits working professionals' busy schedules. You take two, four-hour evening classes per week. Fifteen months later, upon successful completion of the program, you'll graduate with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies. This takes real commitment: our courses are accelerated and intensive. The support you'll receive from the professors and students in our program, however, makes this one of the most rewarding journeys you'll ever undertake.

The EdPro2 curriculum provides you with the broad foundation necessary to earn either an elementary or special education teaching credential or a child development site supervisor's permit. Experience one of America's Premier Universities. As an EdPro2 student, you'll enjoy the same comprehensive resources, small class sizes and supportive, mentoring environment that have made University of the Pacific one of America's top-rated private universities.

Single Subject Credential

To teach in California's high schools, you must possess both a bachelor's degree and a teaching credential. Our single subject (secondary education) program meets the state's requirements. This versatile program can be completed during your undergraduate program. Throughout the program, you will participate in courses and apprentice teaching in our partner public schools. Your experience in these schools will closely follow and support your development as a teacher.

Earn a Degree and Credential in One Year. The new twelve month masters program offers an excellent opportunity to earn a single subject credential and a degree. With the support of a cohort and placements in diverse schools with outstanding mentor teachers, you'll be ready to inspire and engage adolescent learners.

Small Classes, Comprehensive Resources. As a student at the Benerd School of Education, you have the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of a private university- the intimate class sizes, faculty mentoring and personalized support of a small program-while also drawing on the extensive resources of one of America's premier private universities. Our program is the perfect place to move beyond the fundamentals of a subject and develop your skills as teacher of math, music, physical education, the sciences...

Here, your options are endless.

Secondary Education Credential Program

Our Grades 7-12 credential programs include:

  • English (including English, drama, journalism and speech)
  • Social Sciences (History, sociology, government, psychology at the secondary level)
  • Mathematics (both Foundational Mathematics-authorization to teach mathematics through Algebra II-and mathematics, all secondary mathematics courses)
  • Sciences (with specialization in biology, chemistry, physics or geosciences)
  • Spanish

Our Grades K-12 credential programs include:

  • Physical Education (collaboration with the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences in the College of the Pacific)
  • Music (collaboration with the Department of Music Education in the Conservatory of Music)
  • Art

Special Education Credentials

As a Special Education teacher, you help students move beyond the "disabled" label and grow to meet their true potential. Special Education requires creativity, patience, tolerance and flexibility. You will, after all, work with students who possess a wide range of needs and abilities. The rewards, however, are unrivaled: every day you spend working with a young person will be a day spent improving their lives.

We Have a Credential Program that Meets Your Needs. We offer four different Special Education credential programs designed to meet the career goals of undergraduates, individuals who already possess bachelor's degrees, current elementary and secondary school teachers and special education teachers seeking a higher level of credentialing. Professors in the Special Education Department apply real world knowledge and experience to make classes really worthwhile.

Our credential programs include:

  • Level I Education Specialist in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Level I Education Specialist in Moderate/Severe Disabilities
  • Level II Education Specialist in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Level II Education Specialist in Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Special education credentials can also be pursued as part of a master's or doctoral program.

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