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We Develop Leaders in Education. Your Research. Your Area of Interest. Your Degree.
Faculty work with students to design programs that advance students' professional and scholarly goals.

The Benerd School of Education offers doctoral degree options geared to practitioners of education at universities, colleges, school districts, as well as government agencies and advocacy groups operating in the realm of education policy. Our program also prepares educators for teaching at the college or university level.

Doctoral students can earn concentrations in one or more academic arenas including Doctor of Education (EdD) in Education with specialization and/or cognate concentrations in:

Curriculum and Instruction
• Curriculum and Instruction For additional information, please contact Dr. Thomas Nelson Dr. Thomas Nelson.
• Teacher Education
• Special Education For additional information,please contact  Dr. Michael Elium , Program Coordinator.

Educational Administration and Leadership
• Educational Leadership (K-12)
• Educational and Organizational Leadership
• Student Affairs
For additional information, please contact Email Dr. Linda Skrla.

Educational and School Psychology
• Counseling Psychology
• Educational Psychology
For additional information, contact  email Dr. Linda Webster

Educational and Organizational Leadership (Sacramento Program)
For more information, please contact email icon Dr. Rod Githens

Additional Concentration (Cognate) available
• Research Methods
For additional information, contact  email Dr. Linda Webster

The doctoral program emphasizes a combination of intensive academic exploration (typically in seminar form), research, scholarly enterprise and a defended dissertation. All of our candidates enjoy the opportunity to tailor a course of study to the areas of education that interest them most - it's a thoroughly challenging experience, guaranteed to advance your personal growth and your effectiveness as a leader in the world of education. As a researcher at University of the Pacific, you also benefit from your ability to draw on the extensive resources of one of America's top-ranked private universities.

Accredited by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Admission to this program is a holistic decision. For more information please see the  Graduate Catalog 
Students apply to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies of the University for admission.
All materials must be submitted as a completed application to the Research and Graduate Studies Office.

Program Requirements: For more information please see the Graduate Catalog