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Graduate Student Life at BSE

Welcome to the Educational Administration and Leadership Graduate Student Community webpage!

Here you will find inspirational stories from your fellow graduate students about life as an EdAdmin grad student and information and interviews from your faculty. We, at BSE, hope this page helps provide you a place online to learn about and enjoy your community. If you would like to add your perspective to the community discussion, please email the page editor at s_heldmanholguin@u.pacific.edu. Take a few moments and enjoy the information gathered for you here. Return often as stories will be changed regularly to help keep you in the loop!

Below, you will find a new faculty interview. This interview is with Dr. Anthony Serna, a professor in the Educational Administration and Leadership Department. Dr. Serna received his doctorate from BSE and joined the department as a faculty member. Prior to his university career he was a K-12 administrator and teacher here in the Central Valley. Click the link below to hear him discuss his teaching and research interests.