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To teach in California elementary schools, you need at least a bachelor's degree and a teaching credential. We offer you options for earning both. More importantly, we make sure that you are ready to take on all of the opportunities and challenges that come with the exciting profession of teaching.

Undergraduates interested in teaching in middle or high school can earn a teaching credential while pursuing their bachelor's degree in a field of their choice.  We work with major advisors in the College of the Pacific to make sure you are on track to earn your bachelor's degree and teaching credential as an undergraduate.

Through your program you'll participate in courses and apprentice as a teacher in our partner public schools. Your experience in the schools will follow and support your development as a teacher. You'll begin by observing credentialed teachers in their classrooms before you proceed to tutoring, working one-on-one with students and in small groups. Finally, you'll be teaching entire classes yourself. We're there with you in these classes, serving as your guides and mentors. It's a supportive and proven approach that provides aspiring teachers the experience they need to excel in the classroom.

Title II results
Information on University of the Pacific candidates' performance on State of California licensure exams can be found at the following URL: Teacher Preparation Program Report, and also at:

Teaching Professions Minor
This minor is designed for undergraduates who are not pursuing the multiple subject credential.  If you are interested in exploring teaching at the middle or high school level or careers related to education, the minor will provide you with the foundation for teaching in a variety of settings.  These skills can also be applied in the private and public sectors while you continue to build strong subject matter knowledge in your major.

Transfer Students Interested in Single Subject Teaching
Transfer students interested in teaching middle or high school can earn their bachelor's degree and single subject credential concurrently.  Please make an appointment with the single subject coordinator before your first semester at Pacific. 

Master's and Post-Baccalaureate Credential Options for the Elementary and Secondary Credentials 
Many students in the four year program decide to add three semesters to their time at Pacific and earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. This option provides even greater flexibility to your undergraduate program, and graduates find that a master's degree provides them with many professional advantages. Maybe you have decided to become a teacher after earning a bachelor's degree in a non-education field. Our post-baccalaureate credential/ master's program is perfect for you. In just 12-18 months, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to be an outstanding teacher.