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Administrative Services Intern Credential

About the Credential

The Administrative Services Internship Credential Program allows school districts to appoint persons in administrative positions before they have completed the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program.

The position shall be for at least two-thirds of a school year. The intern is supervised by both the university staff and the school district in his/her position and continues the coursework at the university as required for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

The intern credential is usually issued for a two-year period thus the intern must complete the approved institutional credential program within a two year period or the period authorized on the intern credential.

Before an intern is appointed, the school district administration and university  representative shall review the intern program with a representative of the certificated exclusive bargaining unit if any, for the certificated employees in the credential area.

Admission Information

Credential Requirements

Before an Intern Credential can be issued the candidate must:

  1. Pass the California Basic Education Skills Test
    ( CBEST)
  2. Provide evidence of three years of satisfactory service on a teaching or services credential
  3. Be offered employment in an administrative position by a public school district
  4. Have appropriate representatives named to the Department of Educational Administration and Leadership Advisory Board

Since the intern credential is limited in time, it is assumed that the intern will complete the program within two years.

Course Requirements

  • EDUC 295C, Seminar: Educational Planning, Delivery and Assessment, 3 units
  • EDUC 278, Educational Organizations and Diverse Constituencies, 3 units
  • EDUC 280, School Law & Legal Processes, 3 units
  • EDUC 283, School Finance & Business Administration, 3 units
  • EDUC 286, Administration of Human Resources, 3 units
  • EDUC 285, Educational Leadership, 3 units
  • EDUC 292E, Field Experience in Adminstration & Supervision, 1-3 units 

Culminating Experience

Successful completion of administrative field experiences, a learning portfolio, and an exit interview.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact   Dr. Anthony Serna.

Department of Educational Administration and Leadership
Gladys L. Benerd School of Education
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Phone:  (209) 946-2580
Fax: (209) 946-3110