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Education Specialist Credential: Mild/Moderate Level I or II or Moderate/Severe Level I or II

Start a Career that Touches Lives.

As a Special Education teacher, you help students move beyond the "disabled" label and grow to meet their true potential.  Special Education requires creativity, patience, tolerance and flexibility.  You will, after all, work with students who possess a wide range of needs and abilities. The rewards, however, are unrivaled: every day you spend working with a young person will be a day spent improving their lives.

A Credential Program that Meets Your Needs.

We offer four different Special Education credential programs designed to meet the career goals of under graduates, individuals who already possess bachelor's degrees, current elementary and secondary school teachers and special education teachers seeking a higher level of credentialing.

Our credential programs include:

  • Level I Education specialist in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Level I Education Specialist in Moderate/Severe Disabilities
  • Level II Education Specialist in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • Level II Education Specialist in Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Admission Information

Students must submit all materials to the Office of Graduate Admission at the University of the Pacific.  Admission is a holistic judgment, based on the following:

  • 3.0 grade point average (GPA) (on a 4-point scale) on the last 60 units of undergraduate study.
  • The Graduate School application form
  • An essay about your goals and reasons for applying to the program
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts

  Christina Rusk, Ed.D.
Special Education Programs
Benerd School of Education
University of the Pacific
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