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Multiple Subject (Elementary Education) Credential

The Multiple Subject (Elementary Education) Credential

Our students don't just learn to teach-they actually become teachers well before they graduate.  Through your program you'll participate in courses and apprentice as a teacher in our partner public schools.  Your experience in the schools will follow and support your development as a teacher.

You'll begin by observing credentialed teachers in their classrooms before you proceed to tutoring, working one-on-one with students and in small groups.  Finally, you'll be teaching entire classes yourself.  We're there with you in these classes, serving as your guides and mentors.  It's a supportive and proven approach that provides aspiring teachers the experience they need to excel in the classroom.

Admission Information

A bachelor's degree or higher is required for completion of a credential in California.  Students with a bachelor's degree or higher must apply through the Office of Graduate Admission.

Undergraduates at Pacific may take coursework and pass state examinations for completion of a credential during their undergraduate program.  For information regarding the credentialing process, click here.

Successful Clearances of Fingerprints

The Teacher Education program has two fingerprint clearances in most instances:

  1. Review of fingerprints prior to registering for prerequisite courses in teacher education that have fieldwork placements.Materials are available in Room 108, Credentials Office, Education Building . Materials are returned to Room 108 prior to registration.
  2. State Certificate of Clearance: Students must apply and successfully be granted this clearance by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC); this is review of fingerprints by the Department of Justice by for the state of California.Materials and directions are found in Room 108, Credentials Office, Education Building

Students must provide clearance of TB by providing the results of the TB skin test to staff in room 108, Credentials Office, Education Building prior to registering for prerequisite courses in Teacher Education.

Required Prerequisite Content-Related Courses

(May be taken concurrently with prerequisite teacher preparation courses)

  • United States Constitution (see above)
  • MATH 161, Elementary Concepts of Math
  • AARTS 131, Visual Arts in Education
  • MEDU 100, Music for Children
  • SPTS 151, Elementary Physical Education

Additional Information

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