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Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Benerd School of Education
Leo Libres
Administrative Assistant

Single Subject - Secondary Education

About the program
To teach in California's high schools, you must possess both a bachelor's degree and a teaching credential. Our single subject - secondary education program meets the state's requirements. This versatile program can be completed during your undergraduate program in a 4 year timeline.

Degree Options
Our program is the perfect place to move beyond the fundamentals of a subject and develop your skills as a teacher.  Throughout the program you will participate in courses and apprentice teaching in our partner schools.  Your experience in these schools will closely follow your development as a teacher. Prospective teachers who plan to teach at the secondary level, grades 7-12, earn the Single Subject credential. The Single Subject credentials in Music and Physical Education allow prospective teachers to teach these subjects in grades K-12. Pacific's Single Subject Credential program offers the Single Subject Preliminary Teaching credential in the following subjects:

  • Art
  • English
  • Mathematics: Foundational math or mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • History/Social Science
  • Spanish   
  • Science: Biology; Chemistry; Physics; or Earth Geoscience

College of the Pacific or Conservatory of Music student interested in secondary teaching should meet with their advisors in respective departments. Our single subject coordinator, Kellie Cain will provide information on credential course sequencing and California requirements.

Admission Requirements
Pacific admits students for fall and spring semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.

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A Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in a departmentalized classroom. A departmentalized classroom is one in which the teacher specializes in his/her subject area and teaches that single subject only. Single subjects are taught primarily at the middle or secondary, grades 7-12 level, but some subjects (i.e., art, music, and physical education) may be taught by a single subject teacher at the elementary level. Upon completion of the Single Subject Credential program, you will be awarded the SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Credential with English Language Learner Authorization embedded. 

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Student Teaching
Our students don't just learn to teach-they actually become teachers well before they graduate. Through our program you'll participate in courses and apprentice as a teacher in our partner public schools.  Your experience in the schools will follow and support your development as a teacher. You'll begin by observing credentialed teachers in their classrooms before you proceed to tutoring, working one-on-one with students and in small groups. Finally, you'll be teaching entire classes yourself.  We're there with you in these classes, serving as your guides and mentors.  It's a supportive and proven approach that provides aspiring teachers the experience they need to excel in the classroom.

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Financing Your Education
We're committed to making your education affordable. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all pacific students receive some form of financial aid, with an average financial aid package of $22,000. We work hard to make sure that every student admitted to our program has access to the full array of loans, grants and scholarships.

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