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Faculty members in the Gladys L. Benerd School of Education recognize their responsibility to provide an atmosphere that engenders courtesy, respect and genuine regard for others.  In order to maximize the quality and effectiveness of students' learning experiences, all interactions among faculty, students, field supervisors and staff are expected to be collegial and conducted in a manner that reflects the highest personal and professional standards.  Faculty model that learning is influenced by social interactions, interpersonal relations and communication with others.  Co-construction of knowledge among faculty and students allow learners to link new ideas and experiences with prior knowledge in meaningful, coherent ways that demand creative and critical thinking.

Faculty exhibit and promote learner-centered and technologically enhanced teaching characterized by intrinsically motivated tasks that combine novelty and challenge, are aligned with students' interests and allow for personal choice and initiative. Such an approach to teaching and learning takes into account each individual's beliefs, goals, emotional makeup, styles of learning, cultural background, technology skills and habits of thinking.

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