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School of Ed Professor Dr. Ronald Hallett co-authors article focusing on vulnerable student populations.

Jun 17, 2010
Ronald Hallett and William Tierney (professor at the University of Southern California) recently co-authored an article discussing the process of collecting data and building relationships with vulnerable student populations. The authors focus on a qualitative study they conducted with 120 homeless youth in Los Angeles. The purpose is to understand how to gain access to invisible student groups and reflect on the researchers' obligation to participants after data have been collected. The article, entitled "Writing on the Margins from the Center: Homeless Youth + Politics at the Border," appears in the February issue of Cultural Studies ← → Critical Methodologies.

Ronald Hallett recently received the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. His dissertation, an extension of the research with homeless youth, involved a year long case study of low-income families in South Central Los Angeles who were forced to live doubled-up in apartments as a result of economic crises. He has had two manuscripts based upon this work accepted for publication in About Campus and Education & Urban Society. In collaboration with William Tierney, he also had an article accepted for publication in Qualitative Inquiry that discusses the process of negotiating the dissertation process.

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