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Faculty Research

Robert Oprandy, Professor in the Benerd School of Education, had his article published in the November 2, 2015 issue of The CATESOL Journal under the THEME SECTION: REVISIONING THE PRATICUM EXPERIENCE IN TESOL TEACHER EDUCATION.  

Ronn Hallett, Assistant Professor, was featured in Science Daily for research presented at the AERA conference. 

John Cassell '09, doctoral candidate,  and Thomas Nelson, Curriculum and Instruction, had their article, "Exposing the effects of the 'invisible hand' of the neoliberal agenda on institutionalized education and the process of socio-cultural reproduction," accepted for publication with Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education. They also had their chapter, "Control, choice and the fulfillment of fundamental human needs: William Glasser's humanistic vision of individual, classroom and school-wide positive behavioral support" published in the 2013 printing of the Handbook of Educational Theories, published by Information Age Publishing, Inc.   

Harriett Arnold, Benerd School of Education, was invited by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development to participate in a research team to examine policies and educational practices in Helsinki, Finland. Their ranking as top performers in reading, math­ematics and science literacy has elevated their educational system to international prominence. The team included a diverse group of professionals in communications, leadership, research and educational advocacy.

Marcia Hernandez, Sociology, and Harriett Arnold, Benerd School of Education, had their co-authored article "The Harvest is Plentiful but the Laborers are Few: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Career Choice and African American Sororities" accepted for publication in the Journal of African American Studies.

Michael Elium, Benerd School of Education, presented a statewide webinar, "Positive Behavior Supports: You Can Make a Difference," with colleagues from the San Joaquin SELPA. The webinar was part of the CALSTAT Region 6 Host Institute. Elium also presented the paper "Juvenile Detention Facilities and PBS: Factors Influencing Sustainability Post Formal Technical Assistance" at the 8th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support in Denver, Colo.

Michael Elium, Benerd School of Education, was the keynote speaker for The Region VI School Positive Behavior Supports and School Wide Interventions Institute, sponsored by the San Joaquin County SELPA and funded by the California Services for Training and Assistance.

Scott Evans, Benerd School of Education, has had two books published: The Complex: A Coming of Age Story, published by CreateSpace, and Green Seasons, a collection of short stories, published by Phyllis Scott Publishing.

Scott Evans, Benerd School of Education, read from his book "First Folio" and discussed the Shakespeare authorship debate during a book signing event at the Avid Reader bookstore in Davis, Calif.

Ronn Hallett
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Hallett, R. E. (forthcoming). Living doubled-up: Diverse environments and educational outcomes. Education & Urban Society.
Tierney, W. G., & Hallett, R. E. (forthcoming). Social capital and homeless youth: Influence of residential instability on college access. Metropolitan Universities Journal.
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Books and Monographs
Hallett, R. E. (2012). Educational experiences of hidden homeless teenagers: Living doubled-up. New York: Routledge.
Tierney, W. G., Gupton, J. T., & Hallett, R. E. (2008). Transition to adulthood for homeless adolescents. Los Angeles, CA: Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis.
Book Chapters
Hallett, R. E. (forthcoming). Dangers of member checking. W. Midgley, P. A. Danaher, & M. Baguley (eds.), Reimagining participants in educational research. Routledge.
Tierney, W. G., & Hallett, R. E. (in press). Homeless youth and educational policy: A case study of urban youth in a metropolitan area. C. C. Yeakey (ed.), Living on the boundaries: Urban marginality in national and international contexts. Bristol, UK: Emerald. 

Delores McNair, Benerd School of Education, co-authored the article "If I knew then what I know now: Using the leadership competencies developed by the American Association of Community Colleges to prepare community college presidents," published in the Community College Review. 

Elaine Mo, Mo, E., Addington, R., & Rutter, M. (2012). ­­­­Long-Term English Learners in Middle School: Using Academic Language in their Writing. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association, San Diego, CA.

Robert Oprandy, Gladys L. Benerd School of Education, worked with teachers and educational supervisors and administrators in Medellin, Colombia, on "FOCUSing on Classroom Dynamics to Expand Our Teaching Repertoire" and "Promoting Reflective Practice Through Classroom Observation," and in Lima, Peru, he co-led four sessions with Julian Edge of University of Manchester on "Professional Growth Through Collegial Development."

Thomas Nelson, Benerd School of Education,presented "Exploring and Utilizing Wrongness Theory" with Alan Jones of the Caddo Gap Press at the recent California Council on Teacher Education conference in San Jose.

Thomas Nelson and Cynthia Coleman '11, Benerd School of Education, co-chaired the Lives of Teachers session at the California Council on Teacher Education in San Jose. Nelson and Coleman also had their chapter "Human-Environmental Relationships as Curriculum Context: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry" included in the book "Transformative Eco-Education for Human and Planetary Survival," published by Information Age Publishing.

Nelson, T., Cassell, J. A. (2012). Pedagogy for survival: An educational response to the ecological crisis. In Wals, A., & Corcoran, P. B., Eds.) Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change. The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Cassell, J. A., & Nelson, T. (2012). Control, choice and the fulfillment of fundamental human needs: William Glasser's humanistic vision of individual, classroom and school-wide positive behavioral support. (pp. 2-42). In, Handbook of Educational Theories, Brown, Lara-Alecio, & Irby (Eds.). Charlotte NC: Information Age Publishing.

Nelson, T., & Coleman, C. (2012). Human-environmental relationships as curriculum context: An interdisciplinary inquiry. (pp. 153-167). In Transforming Eco-Education for the 21st Century, J. Lee & R. Oxford (Eds.): Information Age Press.

Nelson, T. (2011). Critiquing scholarship as formal review: The role and responsibilities of readers of academic journals. (pp. 5-15). Issues in Teacher Education. 2 (1) (pp. 5-15).

Nelson, T. (2010). Education and the environment. Teacher Education Quarterly, 37 (4) (pp. 3-8).
Cassell, J. A., & Nelson, T. (2010). Visions lost and dreams forgotten: Environmental education, systems thinking, and possible futures in American public schools. Teacher Education Quarterly, 37 (4) (pp. 179-197).

Thomas Nelson, Benerd School of Education, received the Distinguished Service Award from the California Council on Teacher Education as having completed 12 years as editor of "Teacher Education Quarterly."

Amy Scott, Benerd School of Education, had her article "The stability of self-concept between elementary and junior high school in Catholic school children" published in Catholic Educa­tion: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice. Her co-author is Maryann Santos de Barona. 

Linda Webster, Benerd School of Education, had her paper "Use of the Adult Attachment Picture Projective System in an assessment of an adolescent in foster care" published in the Journal of Personality Assessment. Her co-author is David Joubert of University of Ottawa.