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Favorite Food: I think I was meant to have been born in the south because I love food like biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak.

Best Trip Ever: A number of years ago my father and I took a trip to Nepal to hike in the Himalayas.  We Climbed to about 18,500 ft where we had a spectacular view of Mt. Everest.

Hobbies: My current hobby is my house.  I love learning how to DIY projects from refinishing floors to replacing windows.

Favorite Artist: Peter Blume

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Assistant Professor Justin Low

 male professor

2010 Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Educational Psychology

2008 M.A. University of Texas at Austin
Educational Psychology

2003 B.S. Brigham Young University


I am primarily interested in the study of intelligence and child development. I am interested in the developmental interplay of cognition, behavior, and social interaction, and how these areas of child development affect important outcomes, such as academic achievement and behavior problems, in adolescence and young adulthood. Some of my research is psychometric in nature and is dedicated to studying whether intelligence tests measure what they purport to measure and whether they measure the same constructs across childhood. My other research is non-experimental and examines the effects of cognitive ability on behavior problems. As per instruction, I teach courses in counseling, consultation, research methods, and structural equation modeling.