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Office of Graduate Admission

University of the Pacific
Knoles Hall 2nd Floor, Room 207 B
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211-0110

Faculty & Staff Directory — Help

Using the Online Directory

Search Headings Description
CampusSelect the campus location you want to search: either All, Stockton, San Francisco, Sacramento.
Search ForSelect how you want to constrain your search. Choose either Contains, Exact, Begins With, or Ends With.
CriteriaSelect the type of search you want to make: either Department, First Name, Last Name, or Email.
QueryEnter the word or words you want to find, either a partial word (e.g., "van") or a complete word (e.g., "Van Houten")


To find all employees on the Stockton campus with the last name Jones, choose…

Campus Location: “Stockton”
Listings: “Last Name”
Search Type: “Contains”
Query:  enter “Jones”

Choose "GO". The directory lists all matching individuals.

To email the individual, choose their name.

Why an Online Directory

The online Faculty & Staff Directory offers you many advantages.

It is convenient. The online directory is always on your desktop. Bookmark it and it's always just a click away.

It is always current. While it may seem convenient to have a print copy on your desk, the print version was out-of-date as soon as it was printed. As time went by, the likelihood you would find bad information increased dramatically.

It saves trees. Printing the directory each year cost the university several thousands of dollars in paper, print, and distribution costs.

It saves time. Printing and distributing the directory required the efforts of a large number of individuals. The online directory will require virtually no maintenance.

For additional questions or comments, or to update a listing, please contact Email link Human Resources.