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Classification of Graduate Students

Full Status

Individuals who are admitted into the graduate school without conditions receive full academic standing.  Only students will full standing are admitted to degree candidacy.

Provisional Status

Individuals are occasionally admitted on a provisional status, particularly if their academic records are substandard or they show strong promise of development or potential for graduate study.  Students with provisional standing must be advanced to full standing before being eligible for degree candidacy.

Credential Status

Credential standing is for individuals who are admitted to complete post-baccalaureate work to complete an initial teaching credential, specialist instruction credential or services credential.  Credential standing does not make an individual eligible for a graduate degree.

Unclassified Status

Unclassified standing is for individuals wishing to earn graduate credits for appropriate courses, but not work toward an advanced degree.  Up to 12 units can be taken under unclassified standing, and only 12 units of coursework can be transferred into a degree program if the student subsequently is admitted into a graduate degree program.  International students are not eligible for unclassified status. Professional courses cannot be taken by individuals on unclassified status.