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Continuing Registration & Reinstatement

All graduate students in graduate degree or credential programs must satisfy the Continuous Registration Policy for each of the school terms defined for the student's program from admission into the Graduate School until all degree requirements are met or their status as a degree or credential student is terminated. This includes students who are completing preliminary or final examinations, or presenting terminal projects; and applies to students regardless of location. If degree or credential requirements are completed between terms, the student must have been registered during the preceding term.

The Continuous Registration Policy can be met in one of three ways:

  1. Registration for at least one credit in a course that appears on an approved graduate Program of Study,
  2. Registration for at least one thesis or dissertation credit,
  3. Registration for GRAD200 (can be accessed through Inside Pacific).

Students on an approved leave of absence are not required to register.

Failure to Meet Continuous Registration Requirements

A graduate student who fails to meet the continuous registration requirements and takes an unauthorized break in registration relinquishes graduate standing at the University and is dismissed from the Graduate School.   An unauthorized break in registration occurs when a student fails to maintain continuous registration in one of 3 ways:

  1. by enrolling in a Program of Study course
  2. by enrolling in a minimum of 1 credit of thesis/dissertation
  3. or by registering in GRAD200

Students on an approved Regular or Scheduled Leave of Absence are not required to register or enroll to meet the Continuous Registration Requirements. See the full Continuous Registration Policy or contact the Graduate School office in 204 Knoles Hall (946-3929) for assistance.


Students in good academic standing who withdraw from a program may be reinstated by the Graduate Dean upon written request by the student within twelve months of the official withdrawal date.  The reinstatement is contingent on the approval of the original degree program and the payment of a $50 reinstatement fee.  The " Petition for Reinstatement in the Graduate School " form can be downloaded from the Forms Page.

After 12 months after withdrawing from the graduate school, students who wish to re-enter a program must complete an entirely new application process with the appropriate fees and documentation.  A decision to readmit a former student are to include a statement by the admitting degree program of which courses previously taken can be applied to the new program of study.