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Grading Policies

Letter Grades

A letter-grade, and not pass/fail system is to be used in graduate courses listed on a student's program of study. If unavoidable, pass/fail grading can used if requested and approved in writing by department chairs, program directors, and the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

Acceptable Grades

Courses in which the grade earned is C- or lower cannot be counted in a student's program of study. These courses must be repeated.

Undergraduate Courses on Programs of Study

Graduate students must receive a letter grade in any undergraduate course that is part of the approved Program of Study. Exceptions are to be requested in writing by the student's advisor and approved by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

Independent Study Courses

Independent study courses (those numbered 191, 291, and 391) require the completion of a written contract that specifies the nature of the work to be undertaken and the method of evaluation. Forms for Graduate Independent Study Contracts are located on the Forms Page, but can be obtained from the Research and Graduate Studies office as well.