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Master's Degree - Thesis Plans

Completing the Master's Degree Thesis Plans

(Plan A for the M.A., M.S. in all but Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology)

See the Graduate School Calendar for Deadlines each semester.
Call the office if unsure of dates!

(The steps for the completing the approval process for the thesis is summarized here .)

Summary of Steps

  1. Plan of Study filed in the Graduate School Office during the first semester
    (Should courses change before applying for graduation, a revised plan must be submitted)
  2. Advancement to Candidacy letter received from the Graduate School office.
  3. Application for Graduation is filed in the Graduate School office
  4. Thesis Committee is formed and form filed in the Graduate School office
  5. First Review of the Thesis
  6. Copy thesis for review by committee
  7. Final Exam
  8. Thesis Grade Form submitted in the Graduate School office.
  9. Final corrections made on thesis. Submit for Final Review of thesis to obtain final approval by Graduate Studies Dean.
  10. Make final copies. The two copies required by the library must be on archival-quality paper.
  11. Deposit final copies with library, deposit any departmentally required copies to the department.

Forms to File


Form or Document to Submit
to the Graduate School

By End of the First Semester of Study

  • Recommendation for Thesis Committee
  • Program of Study form

By September 2nd for December 04 Graduate Degrees

By December 1st for
May 05
Graduate Degrees

  • Application for Graduation

First Submission Review
(at least 6 weeks before graduation)

  1. Checklist for First Submission Review of Thesis and Dissertations , signed by the advisor. (This is obtained from the Graduate School office)
  2. Copy of the FINAL draft of the thesis
    (complete except for corrections from the committee)

After the thesis defense

  1. Thesis Grade form
  2. Oral Examination form
  3. Microfilm form (psychology only)
  4. Binding form

Final Submission Review
(at least 2 weeks before graduation)

  1. Copy of the final thesis
    (not a draft--contains all corrections from the committee and previous reviews from the Graduate School. Should be ready to publish)
  2. All signature pages
    (signed by all but the Graduate Dean, at least 3 copies must be on archival paper)