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Graduate Studies Forms

Are you applying for a graduate program?

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This page contains the various forms for advisors and students enrolled in graduate degree programs. Some forms, as indicated, are available only from the advisor because they vary among degree programs.

(If printing from this website, make sure all pages are included.)


Introduction to the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Process
Thesis and Dissertation Instructions for Electronic System
Guide to Completing a Graduate Degree
Thesis and Dissertation Format Guide
Graduate Student Application for Graduation
Final Report of Oral/Written Exam for Graduate Degree
Thesis & Dissertation Defense Grade Format and Completion
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Final Report
Program/Major Change Form 
Petition to Participate in Commencement Ceremonies*
Application to Request Reinstatement to Graduate Studies Programs

Transferring Coursework to Pacific

Note: * form should only be completed for students graduating in the summer who want to walk through in the May ceremonies.

All students must file petitions to initiate the graduation review process. In addition, many graduate programs require the completion of a thesis or dissertation.


Course Syllabus Template

Degree Requirement Adjustment Form (CAPP)

Individualized Study Request Form/Independent Study
Contract (Obtained From Registrar's Website)

Plan of Study (Obtained From Advisor)