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Admissions Requirements in General

An application for admission to the Graduate School implies a student's intention to work toward an advanced degree.

To be considered for admission with full standing applicants must have:

  • A bachelor's degree from an institution accredited by one of the regional accrediting associations. Applicants to the Graduate School at the University of the Pacific must have a bachelor's degree substantially similar as those granted by Pacific. These degrees include a broad range of courses representing the basic academic disciplines. A major portion of the courses must be evaluated by a multilevel system, most often on a 4.0 scale using letter notations of A,B, C, D, and F. Applicants holding degrees not meeting these standards may be denied admission to graduate degree programs at Pacific. *MS in Engineering Science Blended Program does not required a B.S/B.A (for more information see MSES blended program)
  • Adequate undergraduate preparation in the proposed major field or equivalent evidence of an appropriate background for undertaking as an advanced degree program.
  • An undergraduate average of B (GPA of 3.0) or better overall in the undergraduate program or in upper division work of the baccalaureate degree.

Admission will be denied to applicants possessing bachelor's degrees with a significant amount of credit awarded for work experience that was not supervised by a faculty member of an accredited university nor evaluated in units which identify the academic content.