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Engineering & Computer Science Scholarships

Scholarship Name Award Amount Major Student Year Application Closing Date Contact Info. Comments
ACEC California Scholarship Foundation $1,000 to $7,500 ENGR Junior, Senior (Undergraduates) 5th or graduate year Jan 15, 2016 Website

- Must be Junior or above in Fall 2016
- Cannot be graduating in Dec '16
500 word essay
- Minimum GPA 3.2

ACI Foundation $3,000-$10,000 CE All Levels Autumn 2015 Website - Available for Undergrad and Grad students
- Must be interested in Concrete Industry
- Fellowships and Scholarships are available
Active Data $1,000 All All undergraduate and Graduate Mar 14


- Essay (500 - 1000 words)
AES Engineering Solutions $500.00 ALL Freshman to Senior (undergraduates & high school seniors) Oct 7, 2015 Website
- 500-1000 word essay needed
- No minimum GPA
- Based on character
After College Engineering $500.00 ENGR All undergraduate & graduate Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 30, & Dec 31 Website - Minimum 3.0 GPA
- Full-time student
- Must be a member of a dept./student org. that is working with AfterCollege (Ask your Dean or Dept. chair to see if you work with AfterCollege)
- Essay
American Public Power Association (APPA) Research $4,000.00 Energy All undergraduate & graduate Oct 14 & Feb 14 Website
- Conduct research with a DEED member
- Mid-project report, final report and abstract are required
- U.S & Canadian citizen's only
American Public Power Association (APPA) Technical Design Project $5,000.00 Energy All undergraduate & graduate Mar 14 Website
-Full time student in an accreditited university/college in the U.S.
- Cannot be graduating within 12 months
-Need official transcripts by application deadline
American Public Work Association (APWA) $1,500.00 CE All undergraduate & high school seniors Apr 17 Website
- Interest in transportation
- No citizenship required                 -2.5 GPA required     -Full time student 
American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) $300 to $10,000 ENGR interested in HVAC and Refrigeration All Undergraduate & High School Seniors Dec 14 Website
- Application
- 3 letters of recommendation
- Official transcript
- Potential service to HVAC and/or refrigeration profession- Cum. GPA 3.0 or be in top 30% of class
- Open to U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizen's
American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) Unrad: $3,000/yr Grad: $4,000/yr ENGR Undergraduates (applying for aid for last year of UG) AND Graduate Students (all levels) Mar 12 Website
- Academic record
- Work history
- Professional promise
- Interest in naval engineering
- Extracurricular activities
- Recommendations (3)
- Financial need will be considered
- U.S. citizen's only
Anthony Ihedoha Anaebere, Sr. Memorial Scholarship  $1000 ENGR All Levels Feb 20, 2016 Website
-Nigerian-born or 1st gen. Nigerian-American student pursing an undergrad. or grad. level engineering degree
-2.5 Cum. GPA
ASCE -Construction Scholarships $1,000-$2,000 CE Junior or first-year Senior Jan 14 Website - One page essay
- Student Membership (Current or Upcoming) in the Construction Institute or an ASCE Student Chapter or a Contractor's Association Student Chapter is required.
- Transcript
- Two letters of Recommendation required
- Letter by applicant
Barry Goldwater $7,500.00 ENGR Sophomores Going into Junior year, juniors going into Senior Year (Undergraduates) Jan 23 Website
- Must be an undergraduate junior or senior
- Must be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident
- Must be nominated by faculty representative: Susan Weiner, sweiner@pacific.edu, 209.946.2406- Essay (Max. two pages)
- Current Transcript
B. Charles Tiney Memorial ASCE Student Chapter Scholarship (4) students of $2000 each CE  Enrolled undergraduate students Mar 14 Website - UG junior or senior, must be in good standing at time of application, must be ASCE member
- Application
- Statement of reasons believed to justify the award to him/her, as well as plans for continuing formal education
- Detailed financial plan for additional financing if an award is granted
- Official Transcript
- Resume
- Two letters of recommendation
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program $2000 or $25,000/yr renewable ENGR Full-Time Undergraduate Feb 14 Website - Must Be Full-time student
- Online application
- Engineering majors with interest in automotive
California Transportation Foundation $500-$5000 CE All Levels Varies - please see website Website - Show an interest in Transportation Engineering
- Multiple scholarships are available, please check website for specific info.
Caltrans Stanley Jacobs Scholarship $1,000 and paid position as engineering assistant ME Juniors and above Mar 30 Website
- Minimum GPA above 2.0 overall and in major
- Must have interest in automotive or equipment engineering
- Engineering Student Assistant consists of 15-20hrs/wk during school year, and 40hrs/wk during summer.
CI Construction Engineering Student Scholarship  Varies  CE, EM All undergraduate students Apr 1 Website - Students who are interested in construction, construction management, must be a Construction Institute student member, must be in good standing
Collegiate Inventors Competition  $7,500 - $15,000     winner's enjoy over $100,000 in cash prizes All All Levels Jun 14 Website
800.968.4332 opt. 5
- Must be original invention
- Publication or patent of idea
- Must be able to be made available to the public
Corcentric $1,000 All Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, & High School seniors May 30 Website
- Essay(500-1,000 words) addressing prompt on site
Engineers' Club of Stockton $500.00 ENGR All levels of Undergraduate and Graduate Students Jan 29, 2016 Email
General Info
- Essay: "Expectations of Engineering and/or Computer Science"
- Cover page of introduction
- Current semester schedule of classes
Eugene C. Figg, Jr. Civil Engineering Scholarship $3,000.00 CE Junior, Senior (undergraduates) Feb 10 Website - Personal essay no more than 1000-1500 words
- Detailed annual budget
- Sealed official transcript
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation
- One page resume
Gates Millennium Scholarship Varies All ENGR Undergraduate and Graduate Jan 3 Website - Must be a first-generation student entering first year of college, must be African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic; must have a minimum 3.3 GPA
Global E3 Up to $5,000 ALL ALL Levels Oct 14 Website
- Complete E3 online application by 10/1- U.S. Citizen or Permanent resident
- At least one term of enrollment remaining at their home institution
- Supply financial need information with any grants or scholarships received towards study abroad by 10/30-Must be approved to submit and apply by an E3 advisor
GoodCall's Best Decision Scholarship $2,500 ALL All Levels Dec 31, 2015 Application

- 400-500 word essay
- good academic standing
- enrolled in 2015-2016 school year

Heart On Your Wrist $1,000 All Freshmen, sophomores, & juniors May 14 Website
- Enrolled fulltime
- Picture of yourself
- Essay (500 words or less) addressing the prompt on website
Helene M. Overly Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00 CE Graduate Nov 14, 2014 Application
-Open to women interested in transportation
-3.0 GPA or above
- Must be enrolled in graduate study
HENAAC Scholars Program $500-$10,000 ENGR All undergraduate & graduate Apr 30 Website
- 3.0 GPA or above
- Must be Hispanic or be heavily involved in the Hispanic community.            -700 word essay      -Official transcript
Honorary Benjamin Piatt Runkle $500.00 ENGR All undergraduate levels Sigma Chi - An honorary young man of good character
HSF Scholarship Funds $500-$5,000 All All undergraduate and Graduate April 2 Website - Be a community college or undergraduate student
- Be a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident card or valid passport stamped I-551, or be granted Degerred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.
- Have plans to enroll full-time at a two-or four-year U.S. accredited institution in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Guam in the upcoming academic year.
- Be pursuing first undergraduate degree
IRWA Sacramento Metropolitan Region Scholarship $500-$1,000 ENGR Undergraduate & H.S. Seniors Nov 14 Website -Open to all University students pursuing Engineering
-Must be attending school Spring or Fall 2013
-Minimum GPA of 3.0
John Lenard Civil Engineering Scholarship $2000  CE  Enrolled junior or senior CE students in ABET accredited institution Feb 10 Website   - UG junior or senior, must be in good standing at time of application, must be ASCE member
- Completed application
- Personal statement(500-1000 words) addressing why the award should be given to the applicant and plans for continuing formal education
- Detailed annual budget
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation from faculty members.
Jose Hernandez-Reaching for the Stars  $500-$1,000 ENGR Junior, Senior (Undergraduates) May 14 Webstite 209.639.3721 - Essay-Min. 2.5 GPA
- Full time student
- 1st gen. college student
- Demonstrates financial need
- U.S. & non-U.S. citizens
Josephine and Robert B.B. Moorman Scholarship $2000  CE  Enrolled undergraduate students Feb 10 Website - UG junior or senior, must be in good standing at time of application, must be ASCE member
- Personal essay no more than 500 words- Detailed annual budget
- Sealed official transcript
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation
- One page resume
Lawrence W. and Francis W. Cox Scholarship  $5000  CE  All Undergraduate students Feb 10 Website  - UG only, must be an ASCE Member, must be in Good Standing
- Good academic standing
- Personal essay no more than 500 words- Detailed annual budget
- Sealed official transcript
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation
- One page resume
Mango Salute $1,000 All All undergraduate & graduate May 14
- Essay (500 - 1,000 words)
MESA Scholarship Program $1,000/year ENGR New Admission: Freshman or Transfer Aug 13 Website
- 1 yr in MESA program prior to entering Pacific- Receive Cal Grant A or B- Be admitted with 3.0 GPA- Enroll within 3 yrs of high school graduation
- Remain eligible for renewal of Cal Grant while enrolled at Pacific- Maintain satisfactory academic progress
- U.S. Citizen
Molitoris Leadership Scholarship $1,500.00 CE Undergraduate Nov 13 Application
- Open to undergraduate women
- 3.0 GPA or above
-Specifically address leadership on personal statement
- Currently enrolled and interested in transportation field.
New Faces of Engineering $500-$10,000 ENGR

Junior, Senior, 5th year (Undergraduate)

Graduate students (grants & aid)

Dec 1st (annually)

May 1st (annually)

Website - Essay with maximum 200 words
- Written response to HVAC&R involvement in 100 words or less.

NuEnergy Scholarship awards approx $15,000 among 3 to 5 recipients All majors  Currently enrolled in college and returning for following yr Feb 9 Website
- Complete application
- 2 essays
- Proof of Residency
- 2 Letters of recommendation
- Unofficial transcripts
- One page resume
- U.S. Citizens or Proof of Residency in PG&E Service area
Osher ReEntry Scholarship Varies ENGR All undergraduate and graduate students Jul 14 Website
- Minimum 3.0 GPA
- Must be a ReEntry student, with significant gap in education (5-6 years).
- Must demonstrate financial need of at least $5,000 on FAFSA.
- Show academic promise and a commitment to obtaining their degree.
SAME Scholarship $1,000 to $4,000 ENGR Sophomore, Junior Mar 16 Website
- Application
- Unofficial transcripts
- Narrative(2 page maximum)
- Two letters of reference                -Extra Curricular activity log
Samuel Fletcher Tapman ASCE Student Chapter Scholarship $3000  CE  Enrolled undergraduate students Feb 10 Website - UG junior or senior, must be in good standing at time of application, must be ASCE member
- Personal essay no more than 500 words- Detailed annual budget
- Sealed official transcript
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation
- One page resume
Sharon D. Banks Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00 CE Undergraduate Nov 13 Application
-Open to undergraduate women interested in the transportation field.
-3.0 GPA or above
-Plans to pursue a career in a transportation related field.
Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program $2000 ALL All Levels March 31, 2016


-1000-1600 essay on social media use
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. Scholarship $2,000.00 CE Full-Time Juniors+ April 25 Website
- Full time Junior level or higher
- Interest in Structural Engineering or Architecture
SMART Scholarship Generous cash award/Tuition & Fees ENGR Freshman-Senior (Undergraduate), Graduate Dec 15, 2014 Website - Freshman: Must have min. 3.0 GPA
- Graduate applicants must have taken GRE
- U.S. Citizen at time of application
- Able to participate in summer internships at DoD laboratories
- Willing to accept post
-graduate employment with the DoD
Storage.com $2,500 ALL All undergraduate and graduate students;high school seniors August 1, 2015 Website 250-500 word essay required plus maintain 2.5 GPA
SWE Scholarship $1,000-$20,000 ENGR Varies - please see website Website - Refer to website for various requirements
Tau Beta Pi $2,000/yr ENGR Full-Time Undergraduates May 1 Website - Tau Beta Pi member
- Full-time undergraduate student
University of the Pacific Scholarships: Powell  $36,000.00 All First-time freshman Dec 14 Website -H.S. GPA of 3.7 or higher-Honor's, AP and/or IB courses
-Leadership skills
-ACT composite of at lease 30 or combined SAT critical reading and math score of 1350 
University of the Pacific Scholarships: Methodist Bishops'  $2,500  All First-time freshman or transfer  May 01 Website  -Application 
-Personal Statement
-Pastor's Letter of Recommendation 
-Church Committee's Letter of Recommendation      -GPA 3.25
Union Plus  $500-$4000 All ENGR  Undergraduate and Graduate Students Jan 3 Website - Must be a son/daughter or spouse of a Union Plus member
- Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA 
Y.C. Yang Civil Engineering Scholarship $2000  CE Enrolled undergraduate student Feb 10 Website - UG junior or senior, must be in good standing at time of application, must be ASCE member
- Personal essay no more than 500 words- Detailed annual budget
- Sealed official transcript
- Minimum two sealed letters of recommendation
- One page resume
1800Doorbell $1,000 All Freshmen & sophomores Jan 14 Website - Essay(1,000 words or less)
- Between 17 - 22 years old

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