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Jennifer Ross

Office: Anderson Hall 207
E-mail: jross@pacific.edu
Phone: 209.946.3053

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Anderson Hall 200
Lisa Johnston
Administrative Assistant
School of Engineering & Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Jennifer Ross

Academic Background

B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1988

M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, 1990

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, 1993

Teaching Interests

  • Solid State Devices

  • Analog Circuit Design

  • VLSI Layout and Design

  • Electricity and Magnetism

Research Interests

  • Wide band-gap semiconductors

  • Short wavelength semiconductor lasers

  • IC physical layout

  • Engineering Education

Honors and Awards

  • NSF-TUES grant 2013-2017 entitled, "Collaborative Research: Implementation and Evaluation of a Sustainable Computer-Based Tutoring System for Introductory Linear Circuit Analysis". 
  • ASEE-PSW Outstanding Teaching Award, 1997
  • Eberhardt Teacher Scholar Award from the University of the Pacific, 1996
  • University of the Pacific School of Engineering Faculty Effectiveness Teaching Award for 1994, 1995 & 1996
  • NSF Instrument and Laboratory Improvement Grant for 1998-2000 entitled "Connecting an Undergraduate Electronics Laboratory to the Web and LAN for Automated Data Acquisition".
  • NSF Course and Curriculum Development Grant for 1996-1997 entitled "Teaching Integrated Circuits in a simulated Corporate Environment"
  • NSF Instrument and Laboratory Improvement Grant for 1995-1998 entitled "A VLSI Design Laboratory Implemented in a Simulated Corporate Environment"

Selected Publications

Jennifer Ross, C.R. Wie, "Utilizing Internet Technologies to Teach Laboratory Courses", Industrial Electronics Society IECON '99 Proceedings, Vol. 1, page 121-125. November, 1999.

M. Rubin, N. Newman, J. S. Chan, T.C. Fu and J.T. Ross "P-Type GaN by reactive ion-beam molecular beam epitaxy with ion-implantation, diffusion, or co-evaporation of Mg", Applied Physics Letters, 64, 64 (1994).

K. Yung, J. Yee, J Ross, M. Rubin, and N. Newman, "Observation of stimulated emission in the near ultraviolet from a molecular beam epitaxy grown GaN film on sapphire in a vertical-cavity, single pass configuration" Applied Physics Letters, 64(9), 1135 (1994)

Jennifer Ross, Mike Rubin, and T.K. Gustafson, "Single Crystal Wurtzite GaN on (111) GaAs with AlN Buffer Layers Grown by Reactive Magnetron Sputter Deposition", J. Material Research, 10(8), 2613, (1993).

Nathan Newman, Jennifer Ross and Mike Rubin, "Thermodynamic and Kinetic Processes Involved in the Growth of Epitaxial GaN Thin Films", Applied Physics Lett., 62(11), 1242 (1993).