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Program Director & Faculty

Rick Hutley  |  Program Director and Professor of Practice |  |  209.946.2992

Our Program Director,  Rick Hutley, is a highly seasoned Information and Communications Technologist (ICT) with a visionary outlook balanced with a practical sense of execution. With 28 years in the telecommunications / IT industry, a former CIO of a global Service Provider, and 14 years of executive consulting experience to the C-suites of the largest corporations in the world as the Vice President of Innovation at Cisco Systems, he is highly experienced in driving business outcomes through the effective use of technology and data. For the last five years he has been assisting major global corporations with their adoption of the Internet of Everything, including Big Data and Analytics. 

James Hetrick  |  Assistant Director and Professor  |

Dr. James Hetrick is a professor and former chair of the Physics Department at the University of the Pacific. After finishing his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Case Western Reserve University, he spent 13 months at the South Pole Station in Antarctica studying cosmic rays, the solar wind, the auroras, and the earth's magnetosphere. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in theoretical particle physics and went on to hold postdoctoral research positions at ETH in Zürich, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Arizona, and Washington University in St. Louis, before coming to the University of the Pacific. At Pacific, Dr. Hetrick teaches a wide variety of classes, including Cosmology and The Physics of Music.

Mike Williamson  |  Professor of Practice  |

Dr. Williamson earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and spent much of his early career in the advanced electronics industry where he worked in the fields of lithography, plasma etching, semiconductor process integration, and semiconductor engineering. He infused experimental design and advanced statistical modeling and machine learning techniques into all of his work, including his time at Texas Instruments, Intel, and a number of Silicon Valley start-ups.   Since 2010 he has been wholly focused on applying data science techniques to areas such as biotechnology and web services, where he developed solutions such as self-sustaining quality metric predictions, continuing to work in the fields of statistics, and machine learning. His data science focus at Google and Imperium (a Google acquisition) focused on spam and abuse prevention as well as secret question and answer account recovery methods, data mining algorithms to identify malevolent IP addresses, and data visualization techniques.

Anahita Zarei  |  Associate Professor  | 

Dr. Zarei earned her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in 2007, and has written extensively on topics related to computational intelligence and machine learning.  In addition to teaching and research, she has also participated in on-campus events as a panelist and presenter in "Improving Classroom and Campus Climate for Women at Pacific (particularly in the STEM area)" and "Women of the World: International Perspectives on Gender."  She is also the faculty advisor for the Pacific chapter of the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).