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Engineering Management

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Engineering Management
Baun Hall 205
Abel Fernandez
Program Director
School of Engineering & Computer Science
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

What is Pacific's Engineering Management Program?  It is a chance to be an engineer who looks at the big picture.  It is a chance to design your own curriculum to meet your personal career path needs.  It is a chance for a good strong education that provides a pathway to graduate school or a well-paying profession.  It is a chance to combine real life experiences with your engineering education.  It is a chance to go on coop with an exciting company or to a far off place in the world.  Look over our site to get a sense if engineering management is right for you!

  • What is Engineering Management  What you won't find when you are looking for that first job is an ad saying, 'WANTED: ENGINEERING MANAGER."  What you will find is that your B.S. in Engineering Management prepares you for either a rewarding career or graduate school.  With a B.S. in Engineering Management, our graduates have gotten jobs with titles like:  Project Manager, Financial Engineering, Cost Engineer, Security Technologist, Project Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Operations Engineer and Reliability Engineer.  Engineering management professionals deal with the planning, organization, scheduling, monitoring and control of engineering projects.
  • Careers in Engineering Management  Engineering Management students have a wide range of interests and skills.  The career paths for these students may include manufacturing, financial services, logistics, engineering, technical sales, project planning/management and quality management/control.
  • Engineering Management Curriculum 

    The Engineering Management curriculum provides students with the capability of meeting their personal and professional career interests.  The number and diversity of electives allow custom tailoring of courses to provide a customized engineering education.  The following are representative curricula: 1.  Manufacturing Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in operations, manufacturing and plant engineering  2.  Environmental Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in environmental management, environmental public service, and environmental facility management  3.  Bio-Technology engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in biotechnology management and health related public service 4.  Construction Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in construction engineering management, construction project management, construction project engineering and project management public service  5.  Technical Marketing Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in technical marketing/sales and applications engineering  6.  International Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in a global context  7.  Product Innovation Engineering Management - courses prepare students for a career in product development, corporate planning and technology management.

The Engineering Management program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.  The program is designed to combine study in Engineering with selected course work in Business Administration and other allied fields.

Development of Curriculum Plans

Students work with their academic advisers to develop curriculum plans in accordance with prerequisite requirements and course schedules.  The Bachelor of Science program in Engineering Management consists of a minimum of 120 units of academic work and a minimum of 32 units of Cooperative Education credit. Cooperative Education is an integral part of the Pacific Engineering Program and all Pacific students are required to have industrial experience before they graduate (Non-U.S. citizens are exempt from the coop requirements.)  The Engineering Management Program is designed to provide flexibility to students. The first two years of engineering study is integrated with business courses. Students take a full year of upper division engineering courses and then specialize in the area of their choice by choosing engineering electives.

  • Math/Science- 33 units
  • GE courses- 24 units
  • Engineering Science- 13 units
  • Engineering Management- 31 units
  • Engineering Discipline- 27 units

You may choose to complete all the requirements for the degree in 4 years to 5 years depending on your high school preparedness, desired semester workload and motivation.

Engineering Management Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes and Current Major Count