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Moving Targets: A Survey of Global Trends in Technological Innovation

Jan 15, 2008

Cynthia Wagner Weick, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Neven C. Hulsey Chair in Business Excellence
Eberhardt School of Business
University of the Pacific

JANUARY 16, 2008
10:00 A.M.

*There will be a reception following the talk.*

This talk will focus on patterns in technological innovation - the process of taking science and technology to the marketplace – in a global context. What technological applications are expected to prevail in the coming decade? Where and how will the research behind these applications likely be accomplished, and what major markets will drive the development of new products and services? How are funding sources for technological innovation shifting? The talk will end with a discussion of the opportunities and challenges posed by modern innovation, and the actions individuals can take to increase their chances for successfully navigating in this dynamic environment.