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Pacific Resources Research Center
Building 1150
Dr. Henghu Sun
School of Engineering and Computer Science

Pacific Resources Research Center

Welcome to the PRRC website. PRRC is focused on advancing the construction and materials industry through sustainable leadership and global responsibility. Our goal is to work together within these two fields to protect the earth.

About PRRC

The Pacific Resources Research Center (PRRC) provides an intellectually rigorous environment for cutting-edge research and development for the construction and materials industry. PRRC aims to develop and further enhance Sialite Technology. Our goal is to markedly reduce waste generated by conventional cement processes, reduce energy consumption and cost per unit of production. As well as improving the product quality and foster the transfer of technology and commercialization.

Global Environmental Challenges

Along with the benefits of rapid industrialization, also come inevitable problems. Such as the depletion of resources and severe pollution which are just two of the roadblocks to sustainable development. Discovering sustainable production techniques has become a top priority. Specifically, global cement production has been identified as a major contributor to over two-billion tons of the world's CO2 emissions (which is a greenhouse gas that directly effects global climate change).

Global Cement Economy - On the Rise

Cement production worldwide has made consistent gain in recent year, reaching 2.6 billion metric tons (2006) at a cost of approximately $80/per metric ton. There are approximately 1,828 integrated production facilities and 421 grinding units are currently in production. Globally, the demand for cement continues to rise. North Asia for example is the fastest growing market, and it accounts for 52% of demand for cement worldwide. In addition, North America, Western Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent continue remain critical markets (Global Cement Industry Report, 7th ed.).

Addressing Environmental Challenges through Sustainable Production Techniques

As a result, Dr. Henghu (Henry) Sun (Director of PRRC) has led over two decades of building research studies. Through his research Dr. Sun has determined that a dramatic change in the cement industry is not only needed but, is on the horizon. Current findings and planned research aim to revolutionize the cement industry as it is now know through new technology called "Sialite Technology". Sialite Technology will equal or exceed current cement performance as well as quality. It is grounded in simulation of rock formation theory, which is characterized by production techniques which use both clean and efficient milling processes.