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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Faculty Chair's Message

Long term success in any profession - law, education, business, government or not for profit service - requires knowledge of the international domain.  Information is not the problem - we are barraged with it daily. The understanding needed to make sound decisions in our organizations, however, demands more than simply being informed.  We need to learn ways to distill and use the plethora of information available to us without losing its richness and complexity.  The ability to do this - and to accomplish it in a manner that shows abiding respect for communication and partnerships among countries and cultures - is the strength of the School of International Studies (SIS) at University of the Pacific.    Peruse our website, and it is not hard to understand why successful SIS graduates can be found the world over: at global think tanks in Washington D.C., in large companies, law firms, and entrepreneurial not-for-profit ventures; in well regarded master's and doctoral programs; and teaching in their own classrooms.

Dr. Analiese RichardI have the honor of serving as the School's Faculty Chair, and of working with the talented faculty, staff and students whose passion is to sort through these complicated issues critically, thoughtfully, and in a unique interdisciplinary way.  I'd like to briefly summarize what makes SIS so compelling.

At Pacific in general, the educational relationship between faculty and students makes us stand out.  We view our students as individuals with unique interests, strengths and weaknesses; it is our job to catalyze their intellectual and professional development.  SIS lives and breathes this ethos.   Faculty make sure our students leave knowing that countries and regions are not islands, but are part of a dynamic global ecology. And students come to recognize that international issues and decisions seldom fit neatly into traditional academic disciplines, but demand an approach that integrates the fields including political science, economics, history, geography, and anthropology.  We also encourage double majors or minors in other fields of interest such as political science, pre-law, economics, business, health and environmental sciences, and languages.  We are always looking for the new combinations that will best prepare our students for the future.

SIS students learn to think well, and to apply what they're learning.   Each SIS student goes abroad for at least a semester, and learns at least one other language.  We offer more than 100 different programs in more than 60 countries.  Students benefit from SIS' internationally recognized cross cultural training program before and after their study abroad experience.  And students can take advantage of any number of experiential learning opportunities through local and global internships. Many students choose to design their own experiential program; we encourage this, and help students find the support they need.  SIS also reaches out to the community in many ways.  In the monthly "Tuesday World Forum," faculty scholars from SIS or guests lecture in a public forum on various international issues. Once every two years SIS hosts the Gerber Lecture, in which an international public figure addresses a current global challenge.  This year we will host two time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof. Past speakers have included Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, former Mexican president Vicente Fox,  and Dr. Gro Brundtland, the first Female Prime Minister of Norway.

Students in SIS have great pride in their school, their ability to consider issues critically and make well supported decisions, their deep appreciation for cultures other than their own, and their often remarkable accomplishments. There is much more to learn about the dynamic, challenging, and rewarding environment that defines the School.  We invite you to visit the university.   We can arrange a weekday visit for you where you will be able to tour our beautiful campus, meet with our faculty and staff, sit in on one of our team-taught courses, and have lunch with current SIS students. To arrange a visit call Ms. Kathleen Hastings, SIS Coordinator, at (209) 946-2650.  You may feel free to contact me with questions as well, at directorsis@pacific.edu.

We hope to see you at Pacific, and at the School of International Studies. 

Analiese M. Richard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Faculty Chair
School of International Studies
University of the Pacific