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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211


The Open Assembly of the School of International Studies (OASIS) was founded in 1988 by the first class of SIS students.  This student government organization assists with numerous events, including the Gerber lectures that bring global leaders to campus, and events that join seniors with first year students in mentoring relationships that encourage academic success. OASIS is also a philanthropic organization which puts on events such as the Study Abroad Photo Show to raise money for non-profit organizations.


Photo of Oasis Group


2010-2011 Leadership Team of Oasis, with Interim Dean Cynthia Wagner Weick


Kristal Leonard

OASIS President Kristal Leonard models the T-shirt that won the OASIS sponsored competition.  They are for sale and come in both men's (crew neck) and women's (v-neck) styling.  For more information, email  Karelli Cabral (k_cabral@u.pacific.edu).


OASIS Photo Show and Sale

OASIS Photo Show and Sale

The Open Assembly for the School of International Studies (OASIS) held its 3rd Annual SIS Photo Show and Sale on Thursday, April 7 in George Wilson Hall.   The purpose of the annual event is to display as art pictures SIS students have taken while studying abroad or traveling.  Proceeds from the event were donated to the OASIS philanthropy.