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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Global Studies Major

The Global Studies major is designed for students who are seeking a more general global education. In addition to the CORE Requirements and General Education Requirements, students are required to take a course on Globalization and spend a second semester abroad. Their further upper division international studies coursework may be in any discipline offering relevant courses; the program of study will be decided upon by the student in consultation with their advisor.

Major Requirements
INTL 105 Globalization, the US and the World
INTL 000 A second semester of study abroad
Electives, select four upper division international affairs courses to be approved by the advisor

ANTH 132 Modern Middle East
ANTH 134 Anthropology of Africa
ANTH 153 Language and Culture
ANTH 164 Anthropology of Food
ANTH 170 Culture and Economy
ANTH 172 Culture and Power
ANTH 188 Anthropology Theory
ARTH 112 19th Century European Art
ARTH 114 20th Century Art and Film
ARTH 116 Contemporary World Art 1945 to Present
ARTH 120 Chinese Art History
ARTH 122 Japanese Art History
ASIA 120 Asian Cinemas
ASIA 124 Society, Gender and Culture in East Asia
ASIA 130 East Asian Literature
BUSI 163 International Financial Management
BUSI 165 International Marketing
BUSI 169 International Management
BUSI 177 International Trade Law
BUSI 178 International Commercial Law
ECON 118 Globalization History: Economic, Environmental, and Demographic Interactions
ECON 121 International Trade
ECON 123 International Finance
ECON 125 Economic Development
ENGL 043 British Literature after 1800
ENGL 063 Masterpieces of World Literature
ENGL 163 Topics in Transnational Literatures
FREN 118 Littérature Française B
FREN 120 Le Cinema Francais/French Cinema in English
FREN 122 La Francophonie
FREN 124 Individu et Societe
HIST 011 Western Civilization II
HIST 031 East Asian Civilization II
HIST 041 The Problem with Latin America
HIST 111 Europe in Turmoil 1900-1945
HIST 112 History of the Holocaust
HIST 113 Europe Since 1945
HIST 114 Modern Germany
HIST 139 Borderlands
HIST 140 Southeast Asia and the West
HIST 142 Modern Chinese History
HIST 143 Japan in War and Peace
HIST 151 People's History of Mexico
INTL 123 Literature Across Cultures
INTL 174 Global Environmental Policy
JAPN 180 Modern Japanese Fiction
MHIS 006 Music of the World's People
POLS 141 Western European Comparative Politics
POLS 146 Latin American Politics
POLS 148 Politics of the Middle East
POLS 150 Political Development
POLS 151 Principles of Comparative Politics
POLS 152 Politics of Asia
POLS 160 Theories of International Politics
POLS 162 International Organization
POLS 164 International Political Economy
POLS 166 International Conflict and Conflict Management
POLS 168 Comparative Foreign Policy
POLS 170 U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 172 Inter-American Relations
RELI 135 Asian Religious Traditions
RUSS 073 Russian Culture and Civilization
RUSS 120 Contemporary Russian Film
SPAN 114 Cine hispano/Hispanic Film
SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana
SPAN 126 Poesía hispánica
SPAN 135 Literatura del boom latinoamericano