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School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
Kathleen Hastings
School of International Studies
George Wilson Hall
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

International Affairs and Commerce Major

The International Affairs and Commerce major is designed for students with a particular interest in economics, or an intention of working in international business. In addition to the CORE Requirements and General Education Requirements, students take further coursework in economics, as well as a two-course business sequence. The major prepares students for careers in business and economics, as well as for graduate school.

Major Requirements

ECON 055 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON 121 International Trade
ECON 123 International Finance
BUSI 031 Principles of Financial Accounting

One course from the following:
MATH 037 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
MATH 051 Calculus I
ECON 190 Econometrics

One of the following two-course sequences:
a) BUSI 053 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BUSI 177 International Trade Law OR
BUSI 178 International Commercial Law

b) BUSI 105 Financial Management
BUSI 163 International Financial Management

c) BUSI 107 Marketing Management
BUSI 165 International Marketing

d) BUSI 109 Management and Organizational Behavior
BUSI 169 Comparative Management