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Barbara Schaetti

Dr. Barbara Schaetti is principal of Transition Dynamics, a faculty member and former co-director of the Intern Program with the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, and a senior associate of The Crestone Institute. In 18 years as a coach and consultant in the field of expatriate and repatriate family services, Barbara has focused on multicultural/intercultural identity development and on the life-practices that support us in living mindfully and creatively in intercultural interactions. Earlier in her career, she worked in multicultural community mediation and later as a corporate diversity trainer. Barbara is a dual national of the U.S. and Switzerland and lived in ten countries on five continents during the first half of her life. Barbara is a founding partner of Personal Leadership (PL) Seminars. As one of the creators of PL, Barbara and her colleagues Gordon Watanabe and Sheila Ramsey have written a book, Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference (2007), presenting the theory and practice of PL for people who live and work in multicultural environments.