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Bruce La Brack

Dr. Bruce La Brack, a cultural anthropologist and South Asian specialist, has traveled to over 85 countries and has lived and conducted research in India, England, Uganda, and Japan. For three decades he taught at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, California, where he designed and conducted their integrated orientation and reentry programs for study abroad. He was the director of Pacific's Institute for Cross Cultural Training and chair of their Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations program, and is now a Professor Emeritus. Bruce has published extensively on cultural adjustment issues, especially the reentry process, including the chapter "The Missing Linkage: Orientation and Reentry Programs" in Education for the Intercultural Experience. He is the primary author and editor of the "What's Up With Culture?" website, a free internet resource for preparing U.S. American study-abroad students going to and returning from an international experience.