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School of International Studies
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School of International Studies
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Peace Corps Master’s International Program

The MAIR program partners with the Peace Corps Master's International (PCMI) program, allowing students to combine Peace Corps service with graduate study. A full two-year tour of service in the Peace Corps, combined with directed coursework completed through Pacific upon return, satisfies the eight-unit elective requirement toward the MAIR degree. Two years of work experience in a Peace Corps host country complements MAIR classroom learning and is recommended for US students with limited international experience.

Volunteers who participate in the MAIR PCMI program have an individualized aspect to their learning that addresses the unique variables that their Peace Corps service presents. PCMI students must complete their core coursework prior to beginning Peace Corps service. The content of the MAIR core courses is particularly useful prior to departure, contributing to a thorough preparation, and the eight elective units are designed to enhance intercultural learning through structured reflection both during and after the Peace Corps experience.

Upon return to the United States, each PCMI student formally enrolls in and completes the eight elective units, and then designs and completes the thesis. Thus, Peace Corps service is an essential element of a complete and coherent cycle of learning for students in this program; they put theory into practice as volunteers, and then use that practice to build further conceptual insights upon return.

Applicants interested in the Peace Corps Master's International should apply to both the MAIR program and the Peace Corps simultaneously, using the MAIR program's admission deadlines as a guide. Upon acceptance into the MAIR program, students must provide a copy of the University's admission offer letter to their Regional Peace Corps Recruiter. The next step is to complete a interview with the recruiter, who is responsible for submitting nominations to the Peace Corps Placement Office. This last step is actually the first step in the processing of the Peace Corps application, which includes medical, legal, and suitability screening. Typically, PCMI students begin their MAIR coursework at the earliest available residency (either January or July) and prior to their formal admission into the Peace Corps.