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Job Hunting?

Here is where I post job opportunities that come across my desk. It is a relatively arbitrary process that puts me in possession of these job announcements, so please do not interpret their presence here as an endorsement of any type. You'll have to do your own homework to figure out if this is a good fit for you.

This page is for jobs.  Here is where you can find internships.

January 15, 2010 deadline.

The Tobin Project, a nonprofit located in Cambridge, Massachusetts that works at the nexus of academia and public policy has a number of positions that will be open beginning in Spring/Summer 2010.  

  • Tobin Project Development and Operations Assistant: Full-time, requiring bachelor's degree or higher. The Development and Operations Assistant will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of non-profit management and development, all while working in a stimulating and intellectually-rigorous office environment. The position will be especially suitable for individuals considering future careers in the non-profit and public policy arenas.
  • Tobin Project Research Analyst: Full-time, requiring bachelor's degree or higher. Research Analyst responsibilities will be especially stimulating and suitable for students considering future careers in academia or in the public policy arena. They are given an opportunity to learn about, and grapple with, the nation's most prominent policy issues, working with Program Officers to identify promising topics for research, plan and organize working group sessions, conferences, and additional opportunities to facilitate interaction between scholars and policymakers, and design other efforts for encouraging and disseminating new scholarly work.
  • Tobin Project New Media Research Analyst: Full-time, requiring bachelor's degree or higher. The New Media Research Analyst will gain expertise in all of the project's core areas, and have primary in-house responsibility for the Tobin Project's integrative online platform, currently in its beta stage. S/he will be responsible for maintenance and further development of this platform, overseeing the creation and launch of new collaboration and research-sharing tools. In addition, s/he will be responsible for managing and disseminating the platform's content - collecting and analyzing new scholarly work, and then synthesizing and communicating it in a manner accessible to a broader audience.