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Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Program

An innovative offering within the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, this certification program is designed to advance practitioners who develop entrepreneurial skills through both didactic and experiential work. Blending with the doctoral program, from the first semester, the emphasis is on developing clinical and patient-care skills as a baseline for entry into the Entrepreneurial courses. Clinical experience - in a wide variety of settings that includes innovative community pharmacies - will provide you with a foundation of practical training that meshes with entrepreneurial ideals applied in the business community.

In 2011, the University began offering this certification within the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

A Doctor of Pharmacy graduate of the University of the Pacific's Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a general pharmacy practitioner who has the ability to provide appropriate and rational pharmacist directed patient care and services to diverse populations and enhance patient outcomes in a variety of health care settings as both an independent and a collaborative practitioner / professional.

The Entrepreneurial certification prepares the graduate for entry into community pharmacy ownership settings or other pharmacy practices where innovation, assessing and taking calculated risks in a pharmacy business environment, and acting to improve patient outcomes by creating unique and timely solutions are rewarded.

The successful Doctoral graduate with the Entrepreneurial certification would:

  • possess and apply pharmaceutical sciences knowledge
  • perform pharmacist directed patient care
  • problem solve and continue to learn as the healthcare laws and policies change
  • enhance patient care by creating new outcomes improvements paradigms
  • innovate new pharmacy business solutions that enhance the patient experience and strengthen the business of community pharmacy

Students have the opportunity to take the required PRAC 136 Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Course, along with selecting at least 2 units of approved elective work.

Details on how to apply to the Pharm.D. program at Pacific (coming)

Clinical Experience
The clinical experience component provides introductory and advanced practice experiences in: community pharmacies, with emphasis on pharmacies exhibiting unique and innovative go-to-market strategies, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and ambulatory clinics.

Required Course Descriptions (coming)
Elective Courses (coming)
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